ZANU PF MP-elect on re-usable pads drive

by Chiedza Tembo

ZANU PF MP-elect for Mazowe South Constituency, Advocate Fortune Chasi has embarked on a drive to produce re-usable sanitary pads meant to benefit the girl-child in Glendale. He also encouraged his male counterparts to take up the challenge.

In a message on his twitter account, Advocate Fortune Chasi said 1300 girls will benefit from the program.

“One month of the term of MPs in Parliament has gone. Work must be done. I’m not waiting. I’m starting the production of reusable pads in Glendale. 4000 by end of November. 1300 girls will benefit. Reason is women’s rights won’t be realised unless Men are in it,” he said.

Asked if he would push for free basic sanitary ware in Parliament, Advocate Chasi said sanitary wear should be made available and free for all girls.

“You can count on me in that! There’s no excuse whatsoever why sanitary ware is not free for girls whilst condoms are found in toilets. Ralf about patriarchy!” he responded.

Commenting on the initiative, one netizen, Ramsay Shonge said, “Wonderful initiative, I read about similar initiatives in Rwanda, am so happy you are spearheading a home grown solution.”

Another netizen, Tafadzwa Makara said, “Go Honorable, go, thank you for serving humanity, you are the inspiration. Thank you,” he said.

There have been calls for Government to provide free sanitary products to all girls as prices are beyond the reach of many, especially those in the rural areas. In some areas, girls miss on school days due to lack of sanitary pads. Some are forced to improvise and use other material which poses health risks.