Zim, Ethiopia trade cooperation propels economic growth

Staff Reporter

The Ethiopian Embassy in Harare has unveiled a fresh pledge to enhance trade, investment, and comprehensive development initiatives between Ethiopia and Zimbabwe.

This renewed commitment underscores the enduring partnership that has spanned many years, yielding mutual benefits for both nations.

The Ethiopian Ambassador Plenipotentiary to Zimbabwe, Rashid Mohammed, recently told journalists about the significance of elevating bilateral ties between the two nations.

“The enduring bond between Ethiopia and Zimbabwe traces its roots back to the days of Zimbabwe's liberation struggle, where solidarity and support fortified them through challenging times and their quest for peace. Today, both nations remain steadfast in their commitment to fostering economic cooperation and development. The diplomatic relationship between Ethiopia and Zimbabwe is marked by mutual respect and a shared dedication to mutual progress. ," remarked Ambassador Mohammed.

On historical ties, Ambassador Mohammed echoed Ethiopia's pivotal role in supporting Zimbabwe's armed struggle, particularly through training and equipping freedom fighters.

Ambassador Mohammed highlighted the potential for mutual development, stating, "As we reflect on the challenges and achievements of the past years, we draw inspiration from our collective resilience and determination to overcome adversity and seize the opportunities that lie ahead to build a future of prosperity and harmony for generations to come."

Ambassador Mohammed said that the presence of diplomatic missions in each other's capitals was an affirmation of good diplomatic ties between the two countries.

"The collaboration spans across diverse sectors, such as aviation, the air force, education, technical support, capacity-building programmes, humanitarian aid, educational exchanges, and academic and cultural exchanges," Ambassador Mohammed added.

The Ambassador emphasised the shared commitment between the two nations to political dialogue on regional and international issues, including peace and security in Africa and sustainable development.

Political commentator Gilbert Mujuru said that the partnership between Ethiopia and Zimbabwe holds significant benefits for both countries through enhanced trade cooperation and investment, economic growth opportunities for job creation, and prosperity.

“Zimbabwe now has multiple bilateral cooperations with other African countries, such as Botswana, South Africa, and Namibia, just to name a few. As cooperation flourishes, this partnership stands poised to unlock new avenues of growth and progress for both nations and their people,” said Mujuru.

As both nations continue to deepen their engagement, the cooperation serves as a model for regional cooperation and collaboration within multilateral forums.