Government applauds success of healthcare revolution project

Staff Reporter

Government has hailed the success of the Health Sector Development Support Project (HSDSP) which the country has been implementing since 2011.

Speaking during the occasion of the Close Out Ceremony for the HSDSP yesterday, Minister of Health and Child Care Dr Douglas Mombeshora highlighted the transformative impact of the project, particularly its focus on Results-Based Financing (RBF), which has revolutionized healthcare delivery in Zimbabwe.

"The Health Sector Development Support Project, with its focus on RBF, has transformed the way we deliver healthcare services in our country. Through this programme, we have prioritized performance and results, ensuring that our healthcare facilities are motivated and incentivized to deliver high-quality care to our citizens,” stated Minister Mombeshora.

Minister Mombeshora went further to state that under the RBF program, notable gains have been achieved in various facets of the health sector and also within different communities.

“The RBF program has seen significant improvements in maternal and newborn health services, including increased coverage, utilization, and quality of care. The program has also fostered community engagement, ownership, governance, and accountability while strengthening health information management systems at all levels of care. Access to essential medicines and supplies has increased, ensuring that our citizens receive the treatments they need,” Minister Mombeshora reiterated

According to the Minister, the project has played a pivotal role in enhancing the capacity of the health workforce through comprehensive training and mentorship programs.

This investment has yielded dividends in the form of improved clinical skills and heightened staff motivation.

The Minister expressed gratitude for the collaborative efforts with partners such as the World Bank and the Health Development Fund, which have been instrumental in institutionalizing RBF across 60 rural districts.

"The Health sector appreciates the invaluable collaboration with esteemed partners like the World Bank and the Health Development Fund. Their unwavering support has been pivotal in successfully embedding RBF initiatives across 60 rural districts," Minister Mombeshora stated

In response to this development, health workers across the nation have voiced their appreciation for Government’s commitment to enhancing healthcare delivery.

Martha Moyo a health worker commended the initiative, stating, "The Government's dedication to improving healthcare through initiatives like the Health Sector Development Support Project is commendable. This project has not only empowered healthcare facilities but has also uplifted the morale of healthcare workers."