Chamisa's supporters face political uncertainty

Political Reporter

Opposition members aligned with Nelson Chamisa are reportedly grappling with confusion and uncertainty regarding their political allegiance and future direction.

A source who spoke to this publication said that the confusion was exposed at a recent meeting at Nyava, Bindura, where one Wilbert Tawanda made surprising claims that Chamisa did not resign from the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) but merely took a temporary break from politics.

According to the source, the meeting, which was meant to solidify support for Chamisa, instead sowed seeds of doubt as members complained that the former CCC leader was taking them for granted.

“We came looking for clarity and direction, but what we got was more confusion as Tawanda told us that Chamisa is not planning to launch a new political entity as rumoured. Instead, we were told that Chamisa intends to return to lead the CCC once there is order. This left many of us baffled and questioning our next steps,” said the source.

The source added that Tawanda's advice on party colours stirred further controversy among the attendees.

“He (Tawanda) urged us to abandon the blue colour, synonymous with Chamisa’s supposed 'Blue Movement,' and instead stick to yellow. According to him, the 'Blue Movement' is yet to be officially formed by Chamisa,” the source added, highlighting the growing ambiguity within the opposition ranks.

The same source stated that Chamisa’s supporters in Bindura are reportedly facing a similar dilemma, unsure of how to proceed politically.

“It’s as if we are caught in limbo. With Chamisa himself appearing uncertain about his political future, we are left pondering our place in Zimbabwe’s opposition landscape,” said the source.

Amidst this backdrop of political ambiguity, some opposition members are reportedly considering drastic measures.

“A few of us are now contemplating joining ZANU PF. It seems the opposition is slowly losing its grasp as a viable alternative,” the source lamented.

Political commentator Calvin Chitsunge weighed in on the situation, urging those still loyal to Chamisa to reconsider their options.

“Chamisa seems to have taken a step back from the political fray. It's important for his followers to realise that there are individuals using his name for their own political agendas. Those who genuinely seeking change should look towards new horizons,” Chitsunge advised.

Controversy continues to work the country’s main opposition as Chamisa is failing to come out open and declare his future plan to his supporters. He dramatically resigned from the CCC after battling with a faction belonging to Tshabangu within the same party.