Government continues to pursue strategies to bolster food security

Staff Reporter

Government has started making plans to ensure food security and affordability of basic commodities across Zimbabwe.

Government has completed the finalization of capitalization modalities for Silo Foods, in a strategic move aimed at expanding the presence of the Company nationwide.

By bolstering the capitalization of Silo Foods, Government aims to strengthen the company's infrastructure, logistical capabilities, and operational efficiency. This expansion is expected to have a profound impact on the availability and affordability of basic commodities across various regions of the country.

Furthermore, Government with the help of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, is supporting the creation of small bakeries to make bread cheaper for everyone. This means that more bakeries will be set up in different areas, making it easier for people to buy bread at lower prices. This action is part of the Government's efforts to ensure that bread is affordable for everyone, especially those with limited income

Meanwhile, last week, President Mnangagwa commissioned the Champions Foods Limited Company Milling Plant in Tynwald, Harare and this move has been hailed by economists as a significant step towards addressing the issue of food affordability and accessibility in Zimbabwe.

In an exclusive interview with this publication, economist Elton Ziki said that the establishment of this plant is pivotal as it will make mealie meal affordable to the general populace.

"The milling plant is going to play a crucial role in making mealie meal more affordable for the populace. With a milling capacity of 500 tonnes of maize per day, the plant is poised to contribute significantly to stabilizing food prices in the region,” Ziki stated

Another economist, Calvin Chitsunge, commended Government’s proactive stance, remarking, “This investment is a direct response to President Mnangagwa’s call for increased participation of indigenous companies in the industry. There is need to break the monopoly held by foreign firms, which have been exploiting their dominance to inflate commodity prices,” Chitsunge added.

Furthermore, Chitsunge underscored the importance of Champions Foods Limited Company’s affiliation with the Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe, highlighting the crucial role played by such entities in the nation’s economic landscape.

“Champions Foods Limited Company’s inclusion among indigenous players is a significant step towards ensuring stability in mealie meal prices,” Chitsunge noted.