Citizens applaud Government's stance on curbing the cholera outbreak

Staff Reporter

Citizens have commended Government’s decisive measures aimed at combating the spread of cholera and safeguarding public health.

In an interview with this publication, Sarah Mbewe, a resident of Harare, applauded Government’s significant initiative, which is the enforcement of onsite servicing in new residential areas before residents take occupancy.

“Government's emphasis on onsite servicing in new residential areas is a crucial step towards ensuring that our communities are protected from the threat of cholera; this measure is aimed at creating safe and hygienic living spaces for all citizens," remarked Mbewe.

Furthermore, Mbewe commended Government’s installation of solarized water facilities and boreholes at key sites, stating that this demonstrates Government's dedication to addressing the root causes of cholera outbreaks.

"The installation of solar-powered water solutions underscores the government's commitment to providing sustainable access to safe water for all citizens. Access to clean water is essential in preventing the recurrence of cholera outbreaks,” Mbewe stated.

Additionally, Government’s move to ensure that small-scale miners operating in mining areas prioritise the provision of water and sanitation facilities within mine compounds has also been welcomed by both residents and business owners alike.

"As a business owner operating in a mining area, I appreciate Government's directive to prioritise water and sanitation facilities. It not only protects the health of our workers but also contributes to the overall well-being of the community," stated Tendai Moyo, a local entrepreneur.

Health workers have also commended Government's proactive approach with the help of the Ministry of Health and Child Care in tackling the outbreak by conducting integrated training sessions and resource deployment to known hotspots.

"Government's commitment to conducting integrated training and deploying resources to hotspots is crucial in effectively combating cholera. Timely detection and management are vital in preventing further transmission of the disease," affirmed Dr. Farai Chikomo, a medical practitioner.

Meanwhile, Government has prioritised cholera vaccination campaigns across all provinces, ensuring that all citizens receive the vaccinations free of charge.

In addition, the Ministry of Health and Child Care has also integrated training in case management, surveillance, and infection prevention and control as a comprehensive approach to combating the outbreak.