Turmoil in opposition ranks …as Siziba was booed at Workers’ Day event

Staff Reporter

Nelson Chamisa’s closest ally, Gift Ostallos Siziba, faced public embarrassment when he was booed and jeered during a Workers’ Day event organised by the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) in Highfield yesterday.

A source revealed to this publication that Siziba's attempt to address the gathering was met with strong opposition, leading to a humiliating scene at the podium.

"Siziba wanted to bulldoze his way to speak at an event commemorating Workers' Day. However, a group of well-known opposition members were irritated when Siziba attempted to go to the podium to address workers, arguing that Siziba was a societal and political nobody with no connection with workers; hence, he has no right to address workers," the source explained.

The individuals who booed and jeered at Siziba were reportedly organised by the interim leader of another Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) faction, Jameson Timba, who is said to be trying to neutralise anyone who might hinder his bid to become vice president of the soon-to-be-launched Blue Movement party.

"The people who booed and jeered Siziba were organised by Timba, who is trying to neutralise anyone who might hinder his bid to be the vice president of the yet-launched Blue Movement party," the source added.

The source added that, further exacerbating the tense atmosphere, Siziba attempted to force his way to the podium, undeterred by the initial backlash.

However, the mounting hostility from the crowd soon became unmistakable, prompting him to abandon the event altogether.

"Despite his initial determination, Siziba quickly realised that the crowd was firmly against him. It became clear that continuing his attempt to speak would only lead to further embarrassment, leading him to make the decision to leave the event," said the source.

Amidst this internal conflict, there are further reports of tension within the Chamisa camp.

Chamisa’s allies, Amos Chibaya and Timba, nearly came to blows at a recent meeting held at Chamisa's residence, which was convened to deliberate on the imminent launch of the Blue Movement party.

The clash between Chibaya and Timba was rooted in disagreements over how leaders should be chosen or appointed in the new party.

"This recent event highlights the deep-seated divisions and struggles for power within the Chamisa camp," the source concluded.

As the situation develops, the opposition's ability to present a united front in upcoming political engagements remains uncertain.