Sizinda residents demand change amid ongoing sewer crisis

Staff Reporter

Community unrest is brewing in Bulawayo's Sizinda area, where residents of Wards 17 and 21 are voicing their frustration and demanding action from their Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) councillors over unresolved and ongoing sewerage issues that pose serious health risks.

Locals have specifically called out CCC Councillors Sikhulile Moyo of Ward 17 and Tinevimbo Maphosa of Ward 21, accusing them of neglect and failure to address the persistent problem of burst sewer pipes.

These issues have led to sewage contamination of local water bodies, raising fears of waterborne diseases among the populace.

A Sizinda resident, speaking on condition of anonymity, expressed deep dissatisfaction with the councillors' performance.

"When we voted for Councillors Moyo and Maphosa, they promised to tackle our sewer problems head-on. However, months into their tenure, we have seen little to no action. It's as if our health is of no concern to them," the source said.

In the wake  of poor water service delivery in Bulawayo, Sizinda residents have resorted to use water from burst sewer pipes to wash clothes and clean their toilets.

“Go to the railway line along Nketa Drive and you will see hundreds of people doing laundry from sewer water,” said one resident.

The impact of the sewer bursts is severe, with residents warning of the potential health implications.

"Every day, we watch helplessly as sewage flows into our water sources. The risk of contracting diseases like cholera is becoming a terrifying reality for us," the resident noted.

The growing disillusionment extends beyond Sizinda, as many in Bulawayo begin to question the effectiveness of opposition councillors in delivering essential services.

Accusations of corruption and self-enrichment at the expense of public service are rife, undermining trust in local governance.

"Many of us are slowly losing faith in our elected councillors. It seems some councillors are more interested in lining their pockets than serving the community," a local community leader commented.

As frustration mounts, the people of Sizinda are considering further actions to pressure their councillors to fulfil their electoral promises.

The community's plea is that they need effective leadership now more than ever to safeguard their health and ensure a liveable environment.

"I believe we erred in electing councillors who don't value our community. Come 2028, we will make amends and vote for representatives who truly have the people at heart,” said another resident.

Efforts to obtain a comment from Bulawayo Mayor David Coltart were futile, as his mobile phones were not reachable at the time of this report.