Buhera horticulture farmers receive market boost from Sabi Star Mine

Staff Reporter

Sabi Star Mine has begun offering lucrative contracts to horticulture farmers in Buhera, providing them with a stable market for their produce.

This initiative aims to bolster the economic prospects of farmers by sourcing vegetables directly from the community growers in Buhera North.

Farmers from Buhera villages of Bonde, Tumbare, Bhondai, and Tame have been identified by the Mine as key suppliers of fresh farm produce.

James Ngwaru, a farmer from Buhera Ward 11, praised the mine’s impact on local agriculture.

"Previously, much of our produce would rot before reaching any market, forcing us to travel long distances to Murambinda to sell our vegetables. Now, supplying directly to Sabi Star Mine has greatly simplified logistics and improved our sales," Ngwaru told this publication.

Despite his current success, Ngwaru admits the demand often outstrips his supply capabilities, prompting plans to expand his output of tomatoes, onions, potatoes, and spinach.

Echoing Ngwaru's sentiment, Isaac Mhlanga from Ward 12 highlighted the transformative effect of the mine's contracts.

"This opportunity has significantly changed our lives. Not only am I expanding into Chinese vegetables and poultry for eggs, but our financial stability has greatly improved," Mhlanga shared, expressing gratitude for the diversification opportunities the partnership has afforded.

Manager at Sabi Star Mine, Engineer Oswald Makonese, expressed his optimism about the ongoing collaboration.

"We are committed to supporting our farmers' projects, which in turn enhances the livelihoods of local people. Furthermore, we have established community gardens, encouraging farmers to maximise their profits wherever possible," Makonese stated.

In addition to providing market opportunities, Sabi Star Mine has also invested in local infrastructure, drilling 18 boreholes equipped with solar pumps across the community.

Ten of these boreholes were strategically placed at schools, with the remaining eight in various villages, all selected in consultation with local leaders.

Engineer Makonese added that this project not only supports agricultural activities but also addresses broader community needs by improving access to water.

Meanwhile, this multifaceted approach by Sabi Star Mine aims to create a sustainable economic environment where agriculture and industry thrive together, laying a foundation for long-term prosperity in Buhera.