Tensions rise within CCC …. as factionalism threatens unity in Bulawayo

Political Reporter

Factional disputes within the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) are intensifying, as a faction led by Jameson Timba is reportedly marshalling support among Bulawayo councillors to oust Mayor David Coltart.

A source who spoke to this publication said that a vote of no confidence is looming against Coltart as he is being accused of dining with ZANU PF officials.

The same source revealed that a caucus meeting recently took place in Bulawayo, where councillors aligned with former CCC leader Nelson Chamisa were pressed to remove Coltart from his position.

"The meeting was tense, and it was clear that Coltart’s alleged association with ZANU PF officials was the main point of contention," a source revealed.

According to the source, the push against Coltart is said to have been orchestrated from Harare by figures that include Fadzayi Mahere, Timba, and Allan Markham.

These people, together with the likes of Amos Chibaya and Gift Ostallos Siziba, are reportedly accusing Coltart of not championing the interests of the opposition in Bulawayo.

"They argued that Coltart was not championing the opposition's interests effectively. This has sparked a need to reassess his role within the CCC and, potentially, his position as mayor," the source added.

The same source revealed that some CCC members expressed discontent with Coltart’s presence at a dinner hosted by President Mnangagwa at Bulawayo State House during the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF).

"His attendance at the dinner was seen not just as a breach of party loyalty but as an overt political statement that did not sit well with many within the CCC," the source explained.

Despite these accusations, a CCC member, who requested anonymity, defended Coltart, arguing that the allegations of him taking instructions from ZANU PF were unfounded.

"It’s not about him working with ZANU PF. Some within our ranks are merely upset because Coltart doesn’t subscribe to the divisive tactics that have been a hallmark of Chamisa’s leadership," the member stated.

The same member said that this ongoing strife underscores a growing rift within the opposition, highlighting the challenges different CCC factions are facing in maintaining unity while navigating the complex political landscape of Zimbabwe.

As tensions simmer, the future of Mayor Coltart and the cohesion of the CCC in Bulawayo hang in a delicate balance.