Adopt online fare payments: Commuters

Staff Reporter

Citizens have called on the public transport operators to adopt online fare payments such as EcoCash and tap cards alongside other methods of payment in order to address perennial issues of change.

This follows the doubling of public transport fares, from US$0.50 to US$1, by commuter omnibus operators in an effort to avert the issue of change.

Tapiwa Munodawafa, a resident of Warren Park 2, emphasized the importance of online payments.

"Introducing online payments will ensure that public transport is affordable to the general public, as commuter omnibuses will be forced to stick to the stipulated transport fares per kilometer (km), inflating prices in the name of change problems will no longer be an excuse,” said Munodawafa.

This sentiment was widely shared by commuters who have had to suffer injustice of exorbitant fares at the hands of greedy commuter omnibus operates.

Monalisa Moyo, a commuter who shuttles the Harare CBD and Highlands routes, highlighted the broader implications of inflated transport fares.

"As commuters we urge the Government to scrutinize the commuter omnibus fares because as commuters we are being fleeced of our hard earned money to a point where getting to work becomes impossible due to lack of finances.

“My transport budget is now almost at par with my rentals, due to unfair and unjust pricing systems by public transport operators,” Moyo said.

Furthermore, the adoption of online payments in the public transport sector will not only alleviate the issue of change but would also modernize the sector, bringing it at par with global standards thereby improving the overall commuter experience.