Gvt revives David Whitehead Textiles, boosting local economies

Staff reporter

Government's drive to resuscitate ailing companies is bearing fruit, with David Whitehead Textiles now operational and revitalizing local economies.

A spinning plant in Kadoma and a fabric manufacturing plant in Chegutu are up and running, collectively employing nearly 500 people. The injection of US$20 million by Agri Value Chain Zimbabwe (AVCZ) into David Whitehead Textiles has brought new life to these towns, marked by the installation of high-tech fabric manufacturing equipment and the creation of hundreds of jobs.

David Whitehead Chief Engineer Mukut Singh highlighted that he is pleased with the progress and that they are close to full scale production. He added that David Whitehead Textiles also plans to venture into oil extraction from cotton, soyabean, and sunflower, among other crops.

“We are excited about the opportunities ushered in by the Second Republic through its "Zimbabwe is Open for Business" mantra. The company targets to produce over ten million meters of fabric and five thousand tonnes of cotton lint annually, aiming to employ more than one thousand people when fully operational, “said Singh.

Singh emphasized that this development aligns with the Government's pledge to create employment opportunities through the resuscitation of companies, making the David Whitehead story a tangible success.

“Beyond fabric manufacturing, this state of the art machinery will efficiently produce materials, yarn and knitted fabric for the Chegutu factory. This significant development is expected to spark a wave of positive changes including increased production of domestic textiles,” said Singh.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe’s sole manufacturer of conveyor belts, General Beltings (GB), reports that the mining sector remains crucial to its rubber division’s success. The sector’s growth, driven by expansion projects and new mines, continues to bolster GB’s business. General Beltings produces and distributes a range of conveyor belting and rubber products, including general-purpose and specialized reinforced belting, PVC belting, light-duty PVC belting, solid-woven belting, transmission belting, and conveyor belt rubber skirting.


Government's efforts in revamping local companies are commendable. Initiatives like the revitalization of David Whitehead Textiles and the support for General Beltings showcase a dedicated push towards economic recovery and job creation.

These successes not only restore industrial capabilities but also significantly improve the livelihoods of many Zimbabweans, demonstrating the impactful results of strategic investments and forward-thinking policies.