Chamisa accused of neglecting top supporter during her illness

Political Reporter

Former leader of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), Nelson Chamisa, has come under fire following accusations of neglecting one of his top supporters, Senator Keresensia Chabuka, who passed away last Sunday.

Chabuka, who was CCC Manicaland Provincial Women’s Assembly member and mother to Mutare Mayor Simon Chabuka, died feeling abandoned by Chamisa during her illness.

A source close to the family, who spoke on condition of anonymity, revealed that Chabuka died a bitter woman, holding Chamisa responsible for neglecting her in her time of need.

"Keresensia felt utterly abandoned by Chamisa. She repeatedly expressed her disappointment, saying he didn't bother to check up on her despite knowing about her illness. She was deeply hurt, as she had been one of his staunchest supporters," the source said.

The source further disclosed that Chamisa allegedly believed Chabuka had shifted her allegiance to the Sengezo Tshabangu/Welshman Ncube faction within the CCC.

This perceived betrayal reportedly led to Chamisa's withdrawal of support.

"Chamisa was convinced that Chabuka had switched sides, which is why he chose not to reach out. It was a tragic misunderstanding, as Chabuka remained loyal to him until her last days," the source added.

Chabuka's commitment to the CCC and her role in last year's elections were highlighted by the source, who emphasized her pivotal role in Chamisa's campaign.

 "Chabuka was instrumental in rallying support for Chamisa during the elections. Her efforts were tireless, and she expected the same level of support in return when she fell ill. Unfortunately, that didn't happen,” said the source.

The news of Chabuka's passing on has sparked debate within the CCC and its supporters. Many are questioning Chamisa's leadership and his treatment of loyal party members.

"This incident has opened a lot of eyes. If someone as dedicated as Chabuka can be neglected, what does that say about the party's values and its leadership?" another CCC member commented.

Meanwhile, Chabuka will be laid to rest today at her rural home in Nyazura, Mutungagore, Chitenderano village in the Makoni South constituency.