Opposition walk-out childish: Mliswa

by Christopher Makaza

Norton Legislator, Honourable Temba Mliswa has described opposition legislators’ behaviour of walking out from Parliament during President Emmerson Mnangagwa`s State of the Nation Address (SONA) as unbecoming and childish.

In an interview with Harare Post soon after SONA, Mliswa took a swipe at the MDC Alliance legislators highlighting that they lack patriotism and sense of purpose.

“This is very hypocritical. One minute you want to get cars from parliament, you want to get fuel from parliament, you want to get allowances from parliament but you don’t want to be in parliament. They are not really serious to represent the people who chose them to be here, they are not even patriotic and they do not have the electorate at heart.”

On the same note, Mliswa on his twitter page posted, “There is need for being patriotic by these opposition legislators. Opposition walking out of Parliament is unsustainable and unproductive for the nation. They, however, want the cars and all the benefits. It`s surprising”

Commenting on the issue, cyber troll Vashe Chimusoro tweeted, “Walking out of a State of the Nation Address is quite a horrific move from the opposition. After people voted for you, you walk out, you don’t debate issues, and you would rather abscond. Why did you come in the first place? I feel sorry for those who voted for you. Shame.”

The opposition legislators only returned back after President Mnangagwa had finished his speech causing commotion, demanding their seats back which had been occupied by Zanu PF legislators. The House was adjourned until 21 September 2018.