ED is a hands-on President.

 by Christopher Makaza.

Glenview residents were thrilled to host President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday, describing him as a unique, hands-on and humble leader.

President Mnangagwa visited the high density suburb to assess cholera situation and pay condolences to families of cholera victims.

Residents who spoke to Harare Post said President Mnangagwa was truly a servant leader who was prepared to address challenges affecting ordinary citizens.

“We are really pleased to host the most important person in the country, our President. We were not expecting that he would humble himself to an extent of visiting us here, leaving behind his busy schedule. We understand he is a very busy man but he left all that to be with us here,” said one Mr Clemence Motsi from Glenview 3.

“President Mnangagwa is a caring President. This is not his first time to visit people in need. Some months ago, he visited Mbare residents who lost their homes to fire and promised that he would rebuild their residents which he has of course since fulfilled. He wants to have first-hand experience of issues to do with the welfare of Zimbabweans. I believe Zimbabwe will not be the same again under his leadership,” he added.

Since he assumed office, President Mnangagwa has always been a listening leader who pays attention to people's views as well as their worries. Through social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and various interfaces, he has always been interacting with different groups of people, hearing their views and contributions on how best to rebuild Zimbabwe's economy under his administration.