Zambia’s Economic growth is among the Fastest Growing Economies in Africa

Bloomberg says Zambia’s economic growth is among the fastest growing economies in Africa only second to Ethiopia.

Bloomberg Editor in Chief, Mathew Winkler says foreign direct investment from China and others countries has helped the rapid and consistent economic growth of both Zambia and Ethiopia.

Giving an outlook of Africa’s economies, Mr. Winkler said there is remarkable growth in Zambia’s mining and other sectors including telecom and technology sectors.

And Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Dora Siliya has expressed concern at the rise of fake, inaccurate and false news.

Speaking at the 2018 Bloomberg Africa Business Innovators Summit ((ABMI), Ms. Siliya called on the media fraternity to encourage professionalism by establishing a strong self regulation mechanism as set up by lawyers, engineers, doctors and others.

She said government welcomed the initiative by Bloomberg to train business and financial journalists as this will raise the standard and quality of reporting especially on government policy, economic, business and investment matters.

Ms. Siliya called for a responsible and professional media that advances truth.

She emphasized that Zambia has not sold or mortgaged any of its state-owned enterprises such as ZESCO or ZNBC as widely reported by some sections of local and international media.

Over 90 leaders in government, media, technology,business and communities from 21 countries have gathered in Livingstone.

The theme of the 2018 ABMI is Africa 2025-The Mddua Landscape of the Future.

The 2018 ABMI event will focus on the impact of evolving global media, and hot to finance a rapidly changing industry and media opportunities presented by the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

And Bloomberg Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief Mathew Winkler said his organisation recognized that Africa will play an increasing role in global economy and therefore urgently required a robust, accurate business and financial media analysts.

He said Bloomberg founder, Michael Bloomberg had launched the pan-african program to strengthen media capacity, promote innovation and improve high quality news in the sector.

Zambia is hosting 2018 ABMI which has been hosted in Ghana(2017), Kenya (2016) and South Africa in 2015. -