AU denies audience with CCC

Staff Reporter

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) was left with a rotten egg on the face as the party is failing to get audience from most African Presidents.

A source within CCC said following that party’s lack of recognition of the African Union (AU) and its preference to stage protests at UNGA in United States (US), most African leaders have come to the conclusion that CCC is aligned to America, an alliance which they see as a threat to African ideologies.

“Attempts by CCC Spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere and Deputy Spokesperson Gift Siziba to book African leaders for post UNGA briefing are proving to be almost impossible. The story is that CCC failed to approach AU. They instead opted to align itself to America by staging protests at UNGA a development that augmented the belief that it was a threat to African ideologies,” said the source.

CCC had planned to stage protests against the Zimbabwean Government at the UNGA in New York, US. The demonstration had been plotted without exhausting local platforms such as AU, to air their grievances. The protests, however, failed to take place as only 17 of the expected 83 protestors participated.

African leaders continue to show unwavering support for President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Zimbabwe as a whole. Despite attempts by CCC to justify the illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe, Africa has consistently called for their removal.

According to Assistant Minister of International Department in the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Wang Jiarui, the Second Republic has managed to make notable major economic development plans which have resulted in an economic turn-around as evidenced by recent winter wheat harvest. Zimbabwe under the ZANU PF Government has also set its sight on achieving a US$12 billion Mining economy by end of 2023.