MDC's song getting tired now

by Charles Motsi

For anyone who has ever had the opportunity to go dancing with family, friends or just on their own, they would know that dancing to the same song all night is cumbersome, boring and it will just snatch the life out of all the fun. The DJ needs to spice it up and keep the good times flowing.

This message seems to be lost on Nelson Chamisa and his merry band of MDC Alliance co-conspirators. Yes, I said co-conspirators because that's the only term I can find to describe them when they are conspiring to ensure that our socio-economy fabric collapses all so that they can force our people into submission and prolong their unwelcomed relevance to the political landscape of Zimbabwe.

Before the elections, Chamisa said he would never concede defeat and he vowed to oppose any result that did not declare him the winner of the 2018 elections. Some of us thought this was just banter from a young and inexperienced politician who still had a lot to learn.

Alas, we can now see that the young man was not playing and surely his inexperience had led him down a wrong path. A path that is now causing suffering to the people of Zimbabwe. In his own words Chamisa promised kuti tozvidira mavhu,” and he even gave a translation to this and promised that we will make this country ungovernable for (President) Mnangagwa.

This MDC Alliance trick of trying to force the people into submission is now becoming an old stale tune that should be cut out from our existence. It began in the days of the former late MDC stalwart, Morgan Tsvangirai, who was on the forefront of demanding for sanctions to pressurise Government to bend to his will. This practise was religiously continued by his successor Chamisa who together with his long-time friend, Tendai Biti had to travel to the USA to request for the stretching of the sanctions regime on the new Government of President Mnangagwa.

Jumping to present times Chamisa is still employing his dirty tactic of trying to force President Mnangagwa to the negotiating table by blackmailing government and holding the people of Zimbabwe at ransom by refusing to accept a clear defeat he suffered in the 2018 harmonised elections. Even after ZEC and the Constitutional court advised him that there is no way he is the president because he simply did not get enough votes to support this. The young politician remains stubborn in preserving his bruised ego.

President Mnangagwa is already advancing his progressive economic ideals and has moved away from the political mood that prevailed in the run-up to the 30 July election. However, Chamisa prefers to remain in political mood and would rather see the whole country suffer than to accept that the people of Zimbabwe do not trust him enough to give him the keys to be the Head of State.

Chamisa said he does not acknowledge President Mnangagwa as the President of this dear nation and has ordered his whole party to sing from his hymn book. However, he allowed them to be sworn in as Legislators and to attend the opening of Parliament and take part in debates in Parly. This is all too confusing as it seems to be a case of saying one thing and going on to do the opposite. Which is now draining the life out of progressive Zimbabweans.

Zimbabwe is a democracy and divergent views are welcome, this is what President Mnangagwa has always preached locally, regionally and internationally. The MDC Alliance is, however, abusing this and continues to try and blackmail the nation into choosing their side. This is now old, tiring and simply has to stop.