Violence has no home in the new Zim

By Anesu Pedzisayi

It is worrisome and disturbing to say the least, to hear a youth uttering threats of violence against a Government, worse off in a new dispensation that is calling for unity, peace and positive transformation.

It is also disconcerting, to hear utterances by MDC Youth Leader, Happymore Chidziva who said, “If they (Government) arrest Chamisa, he will not walk three steps handcuffed before the country is plunged into unrest.” What is worse to fathom, is the response from opposition supporters that choose to see nothing wrong with these statements.

This is not the first time that Chidziva has been on record suggesting that he would lead opposition supporters in acts of violence and anarchy. Chidziva once declared that they would make the country ungovernable if the Presidential results were not in their favour. Days later, Harare CBD was rocked with violence that left property worth thousands of dollars destroyed and lives of innocent civilians lost.

Founding MDC member Gabriel Chaibva summed up a proper description of the MDC Party when he testified before the Commission of Inquiry, and said "MDC is a violent party and anyone who underestimates the militancy of the MDC does so on their peril."

Recently, one political activist and now MDC-T Spokesperson, Linda Masarira made allegations that MDC Alliance sent some of its members for military training in some Southern African countries ahead of the 30 July harmonised elections. At some point, Masarira worked hand in hand with the MDC as they had similar agendas and would have the know-how of how the Party operated.

MDC is well known for political thuggery and intolerance, especially towards people who disagree with their political ideology. The same party is now being praised by flip floppers and masters of grandstanding like Paddington Japajapa, who will go where the wind blows as long as it benefits them at that moment.

Japajapa, before the harmonised election results were announced, is also on record saying he would call for chaos in the country and would not be concerned about the consequences. Today, he glorifies MDC and shows allegiance to a violent party, all for the sake of remaining relevant in the political space.

Given the history of violence attributed to the Party, it would be unwise to dismiss allegations by Masarira, considering also that the MDC have a ‘Vanguard’ youth wing that is synonymous with acts of  atrocities. As rightfully said, violence continues to manifest in a Party that is affiliated by well-known toxic elements and violence perpetrators including the likes of Paddington Japajapa, Jimu Kunaka and Happymore Chidziva.

Also, these threats to cause civil unrest by Chidziva are not something that Government should take lightly, as MDC has consistently shown that they can participate in disastrous engagements. Such declarations should be condemned and treated accordingly as they can compromise the security of our peaceful country.

In the same manner, Zimbabweans should reprimand utterances from detractors who have no interests in seeing the country going forward. Whilst the likes of Chidziva think that they are being heroes by calling for civil unrest, they should be reminded that it takes only a second to destroy and a lifetime to build. They should also be reminded that the country has the majority who would also equally make sacrifices to see that there is peace and unity in the country. The Constitution must be held and it is everybody’s responsibility to safeguard and protect the country from mayhem.