Japajapa, Kunaka: A case of sour grapes

by Elijah Chihota

In a love affair between a man and a woman, they live each day seeing themselves   as   soul   mates   without   thinking   anything   sinister   would happen to  their till death do us part vow. The same scenario happens in politics where a person joins a political party of one’s choice without any intention of being chucked out. Like in a love affair, in politics usually there are fallouts for one reason or the other.

 This was exactly what happened to Paddington Japajapa and Jimu Kunaka. Owing to their greediness and failure to tow the Party line, the two found themselves in the cold.Last  week  the  two made  some  dramatic  comments  about ZANU  PF when they appeared before the Kalema Motlanthe led Commission of Inquiry into the August 1 disturbances in what could best be described as a case of sour grapes.

Japajapa   in   his   bid  to tarnish   the ZANU   PF   party, alleged that the party was  the perpetrator of violence in this country. He incoherently spewed gibberish utterances which were miles away from what   the   Commission   was   looking   at.   He   chose   to   narrate   what   he thought happened during the liberation struggle blatantly ignoring the glaring terms of reference of the Commission that it was dealing with issues closely linked to the August 1 disturbances.

He is a “political prostitute” who hopes from one party to the other seeking greener pastures. Japajapa blatantly lied that MDC leader, Nelson   Chamisa   had   well   attended   rallies   of   up   to   40   000   people.Nothing   like  this ever   happened   during   Chamisa’s   provincial   rallies.This was simply done to spite ZANU PF in his bid to get recognition by Chamisa in return for his daily bread.

On   2   February   2018   during   a   rally   in   Dzivarasekwa   Japajapa   was fraternising   with   Dr   Joice   Mujuru’s   National   People’s   Party   (NPP) masquerading as a pastor for that matter. He offered a meaningless and politically laced prayer in a bid to land an influential post, but soon he found   himself   on slippery  ground   and   nowhere   close   to   that   party’s echelons of power.In the Biblical twinkling of an eye, Japajapa is now vouching for the MDC. It is this same Japajapa who left the MDC in a huff in 2013 after the late party  leader, Morgan Tsvangirai blocked  him from being its representative  in   2013.   He   saw   that   as  trampling   on   democracy,   but today he is coming back to fight in the corner of that same political outfit who could not give him any time of day in the past.

Japajapa   is   clutching   at   straw   and   wants   to   use anything he could lay his dirty hands on to spite ZANU PF.Kunaka on the other hand after realising that he had been chucked from ZANU PF and his chances of making a living were gone is on revenge path with his former party. Remember Kunaka became a Mbare market baron by asking people to pay him daily tokens so that the vendors would continue to use Harare City Council vending stalls.It is the same Kunaka who blocked businessman, Alex Mashamhanda from constructing a service station in Mbare claiming that the land had been reserved for vendors. Kunaka was actually milking these vendors and was afraid his cash cow was about to be taken from him. During those   days,  Kunaka   accused  Mhashamhanda   of   being   aligned to  the MDC-T, now who belongs to that same political outfit- none other than Kunaka himself.

How the MDC decided to embrace Kunaka into their fold is something that   boggles  the  mind as from his testimony he persecuted and killed MDC supporters.   The  MDC hated Kunaka with a passion, but suddenly he is their messiah for purportedly  exposing ZANU PF violence. Little does Chamisa and crew knew that the hooligan simply wants to exploit them for his own selfish ends.  

Kunaka hobnobs from one political  entity to the other. In 2014, he found himself at the receiving end after former president Robert Mugabe found  out  that  his  deputy  Dr  Mujuru  was  creating  another  centre  of power   with   the   likes   of   Kunaka   as   the   foot   soldiers   of   the   Mujuru faction. Like his boss Dr Mujuru, Kunaka was chucked out into political oblivion.Without batting an eyelid Kunaka was wooed by the G40 cabal, after G40 kingpin; Saviour Kasukuwere dangled him a wad of greenbacks.  

When   that   faction   was   booted   from   the revolutionary Party, Kunaka jumped ship and joined National PatrioticFront (NPF), but did not last long after failing to swindle that party and getting an influential post.This time around Kunaka has landed himself in hot soup. When he was hoodwinked   by   the   MDC   to   testify   against   ZANU   PF   during   the Commission of Inquiry, he thought he would nail the revolutionary Party, little did he know he was digging a grave for himself. The long arm of the law is finally going to catch up with him as the relatives of the people he claims to have beaten or killed will soon come after him seeking justice.

In short Japajapa and Kunaka are prodigal sons who are singing for their supper and  will  dance  for  anyone who pipes  for them only to  get their two seconds of fame. Any serious thinking person in his or her right mind would not even give these two an ear.