Mnangagwa’s mature politics

By Jasper Hloka

Given the rate at which MDC leader, Nelson Chamisa, has been touting about how much he has allegedly been soiling the celebrations party for ZANU PF, one would expect President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the revolutionary party to flex their two thirds majority powers in Parliament and put the opposition leader in his rightful place.

Hats off to President Mnangagwa for realising that he cannot be seen to be firing at fly in the image of Chamisa. Chamisa has been claiming that he has a crippling effect on the country’s economy and well-being, but recent events since his declarations have shown that he has no impact what so ever.

Chamisa is not a brilliant planner as he would want to portray, but just an opportunist who has mastered the art of demagoguery and deception.

If he had the supernatural powers to make life difficult for ZANU PF and Government, we could be inscribing something on the revolutionary party’s tombstone. His exuberance and untamed appetite for power, leaves him with no moral considerations as evidenced by the vicious ‘cobra’ like attack on Dr Thokozani Khupe and Engineer Elias Mudzuri.

Despite failing to bury ZANU PF, there is nothing he has done to show that indeed he has the potential to derail ZANU PF except for the continued charade of the desire to do so. He has attempted to approach SADC with the view of challenging the 30 July 2018 Presidential elections. The project failed to take off after indications from various political players that it is likely to be a dumb squib. In essence it suffered a still birth and the MDC tried to smartly abort it claiming that there is intense paper work going on in that regard, but up to now the paper tiger has not roared to life.

The guys are literary on a trial and error approach on the best way they can remove ZANU PF from power. They have tried to force Zimbabweans to the streets and send negative signals about the country. This ancient antic they know better, but have been failing to realise that violence is something that naturally lacks in the DNA of Zimbabweans.

President Mnangagwa, being the presidential material he is, realised that Chamisa is more of a talker than he can possibly act. As such he shot down the proposal to increase the age limit for presidential aspirants at the just ended ZANU PF 17th National Annual Conference where he thundered that the future belonged to the youths.

He made the most important observation that Chamisa is the problem and the rest of the youths cannot be punished because of this erratic individual who has found himself at the helm of power by hook or crook.

Basically, the ZANU PF National Annual Conference has provided Zimbabweans with a clear roadmap as to where President Mnangagwa and ZANU PF intend to take Zimbabwe to. It was indeed going to make Chamisa a hero, if the President had heeded the call by War Veterans to increase the age limit for presidential aspirants. The President having demonstrated that he is indeed ‘as soft as wool’, the ball is now in the MDC supporter’s court to pray hard for a God ordained leader, not someone whose ego take precedence of everyone else.

With Chamisa, the MDC will remain stuck outside the realm of power. The guy has no tact and vision, he is just a dreamer. His aspirations haven’t worked anywhere in the world. To think someone with a two thirds majority could have lost the presidential elections and let alone concede to just hand over power when the odds are favouring him is just a fallacy.

Chamisa should stop wandering in the wilderness with his supporters blindly following. It is high time they realise they are moving in circles and no god will save them.