DA’s puppet, Mmusi Maimane not welcome to Zim

Christine Lethokuhle Mabhena

Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Mmusi Maimane’s anointment as leader of that opposition political party in 2015 made history, as it marked the party’s transformation from a ‘white’ political party to one whose new leader shared similar experiences to those of the majority voters.

Most of the black South Africans believed Mr Maimane to be one of their own because of his skin colour. They had faith that the charismatic leader will champion black empowerment, but alas, they were taken for a ride.

Maimane has been nothing more than a puppet dancing to the tune of his white masters.

A read through to South African author, Sithembiso Msomi’s book titled, “Mmusi Maimane – prophet or puppet?” makes one fully understand Maimane’s meteoric rise to power and appreciate that the DA leader is a fully fledged puppet, advocating for white supremacy in South Africa and beyond.

Last week, the over-ambitious SA opposition leader shocked the world when he offered himself to be the devil’s advocate in the Zimbabwean affairs. Maimane wrote to President Emmerson Mnangagwa asking to meet him over the so-called ‘ongoing crisis’ in Zimbabwe.

He even suggested sending President Mnangagwa to the United Nations (UN) and International Criminal Court (ICC) for alleged human rights abuses following the opposition-instigated protests which rocked the country in mid-January.

“In the light of the fast deteriorating situation in Zimbabwe, I intend to head up a Southern African Partnership for Democratic Change (SAPDC) fact-finding mission there as soon as possible, which would include a meeting with your government. Please indicate a date and time next week which best suits your schedule,” noted Maimane in his letter.

So in his own mind, Maimane thinks he can resolve issues bedevilling Zimbabwe at the moment, yet he is not even his own man.

It’s an open secret that he has been lacking the spine to defend himself, his fellow brothers and sisters across Limpopo, in a country that is still bridled with white supremacy and capital monopoly after 24 years of independence.  

In May 2017, despite being DA’s number one, the spineless Maimane failed dismally to force former party leader, Hellen Zille to step down from her post as the Western Cape premier, after the latter sparked a twitter storm in which she praised aspects of colonialism against the black South Africans.

The above scenario is one of many instances that show that Maimane is just a poster boy in his own party that he is supposed to lead. If he is failing to run his own party, what makes him think he can interfere in the issues of a sovereign state like Zimbabwe?

His interference in Zimbabwean affairs also exposes him as a leader who lacks understanding of the basic tenets of diplomacy and foreign policy. What he is forgetting is that in his home country, the responsibility of foreign policy lies with the South African presidency led by Cyril Ramaphosa and the Department of International Relations and Co-operation (Dirco), who currently both share good relations with Zimbabwe.

Since Maimane doesn’t represent either of the two above mentioned institutions, the biggest question is whose interests is this puppet representing?

President Mnangagwa and the government of Zimbabwe should never lose sleep over his gimmicks as they seem to have no takers at all.

As the week progresses, one hopes Mr Maimane will regain his senses and abandon his trip of shame to a country where he is not welcome or he will press ahead with his trip to Harare to please his handlers.