Chamisa left with egg on his face

by Virimayi Chidembo

Now that the nomination court has closed and most candidates in the envisaged grand coalition have filed their papers in today’s ZEC registration deadline, Nelson Chamisa, the MDC-Alliance has to face reality that real politics is now at play.

Though politics is a game of numbers, Zimbabweans are not fools. In as much as they might throng Chamisa’s rallies, they are looking for substance.

Come 30 July, the people of Zimbabwe this year around are not going to vote with their stomach as there is enough food in their stocks. Chamisa should be reminded that the voice of reason and maturity in terms of deliverables will take the people’s vote.

Chamisa had thought Joice Mujuru and Thokozani Khupe would join the Alliance but the two ladies want to prove that the women who constitute 52 per cent of the population have sway in Zimbabwean politics.

Chamisa, who took over power in the main opposition party following the death of its founding president, Morgan Tsvangirayi, was banking his fortunes on the grand coalition.

A few weeks ago, Chamisa-led MDC Alliance conducted a street march in a bid to force Government to implement electoral reforms. Strangely, yesterday he was among the first to file his papers at the nomination court.

Chamisa shows a lot of inconsistencies. Yester year MDC- T was busy condemning the land reform program but many within the ranks and files of the party were beneficiaries of the same program.

The party said it would not participate in the elections until electoral reforms have been implemented yet by 11am yesterday; the party had filed its papers.

Chamisa can’t take Zimbabweans for a ride. He thinks he can take his trade unionism charades at Harare Polytechnic to serious citizens.

During the launch of the MDC Alliance manifesto, Chamisa said; ‘God is in it’ who then is not in it. Like any other contestant in election, anybody can seek God’s intervention.

Chamisa’s call for ZEC to bow down to his demands is beyond childish cries. ZEC is an independent and self-autonomous body that is professionally run in line with the Constitution