Celebrating National Heroes Day

By Anesu Pedzisayi

Zimbabwe has religiously celebrated the National Heroes Day, over the past decades, as a way of honouring the heroes and heroines of the nation, those dead and still living, who sacrificed for the emancipation of our great nation from colonial bondage. Like the late Simon Chimbetu sang, ‘kuguta kwataita uku, pane vamwe vasipo..” Zimbabwe enjoys the gains today, yet others sacrificed their lives for it, and they are not around to enjoy those fruits.

It a greatness that came through the spilling of blood, the death of young men and women and to this day some still unknown where their remains lie. They made sacrifices, some too difficult to comprehend, and decided to take up the gun and become our liberators, so that Zimbabwe could be free. Free from the yoke of oppression, to decide and determine their own course, best fit for Zimbabweans.

It was a struggle that was difficult for most to bear, families were separated, deep in the forests and up in the hills became new homes for liberation fighters, they were moments of life and death, and yet, Zimbabwe was more important and worth to make the necessary sacrifices for. That is why they became heroes and heroines, because they gave back their country the onus and status it deserved, and each year, as a country, Zimbabwe remembers, celebrates and honours these great people that lived and still live among us.

It is on such momentous occasions, on Heroes day, that Zimbabweans should take time to reflect and appreciate the ultimate sacrifices that the national heroes made, for Zimbabwe to enjoy the freedom that it has today. It is also a time to challenge national detractors, funded by the Western hegemonies, to take a minute and answer this question; would our national heroes be happy with the regime change agenda they are pushing?

The MDC, of late, in partnership with unions such as the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) and other known activists, have been, by and large, unapologetic in being sponsored by such countries like the United States of America (USA) to impose America’s warped ideology on Zimbabwe. They have been embarking on violent demonstrations, causing suffering to the people and trying to cause anarchy, paving way for Western influence and rule. A total contrast of what our fallen and living heroes and heroines went to war for.

What the opposition has been literally been pushing for, is to hand back the country to its former colonisers, in return for a handful of silver coins. The same country that fierce young men and women sacrificed everything they had, to liberate from its oppressors.

As it is, the MDC is planning to embark on national demonstrations, out of disgruntlement that they are not in Government. Ironically, these demonstrations are scheduled for a date a few days just after the celebrations of all those who died fighting for Zimbabwe. In essence, these demonstrations would clearly be in disrespect of the country’s declared and undeclared fallen heroes, who would literally be turning in their resting places, from the mischievous and untoward behaviour being engaged by the opposition.

Celebrating National Heroes Day should be a constant reminder to Zimbabweans, young and old, that the honour we can give the fallen heroes, is through building Zimbabwe and working towards its betterment. President Mnangagwa and the Second Republic have been honouring the wishes of national heroes and heroines, to afford a decent lifestyle for all Zimbabweans, in peace and unity.

The ultimate gift that Zimbabwe could give to its national heroes and heroines, is the freedom to have Zimbabweans building their country, in peace and unity, with no influence from the US and its allies. This may also be complemented by the opposition, mainly MDC, when it decides to come forth to the National Dialogue platform and join hands with the rest of other political players and contribute to the growth and development of the nation.

As Zimbabwe celebrates National Heroes Day, the MDC should learn from the civil wars in the Middle East, Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen to name a few, mostly attributed to the influence of America that white imperialists only work for their own personal gain.

Former Prime Minister of Libya, before his death, told his people that, “No one loves this land more than its citizens. If Europe and America tell you that they love you, be careful. They love the wealth of your land. The oil and not the people…” It is the same message that Zimbabweans should also reflect and ponder on throughout Heroes Day celebrations and before they decide to join the MDC in demonstrations. The Americans and the West will sponsor civil war, only to have their hands on the vast natural resources that Zimbabwe is endowed with.

Instead, as a way to honour these heroes and heroines, Zimbabweans should instead, unite and fight against neo-imperialism, for the country’s future and progress. Zimbabweans ultimate victory would only come through utilising the natural resources at their, disposal which would make Zimbabwe great again.

The Heroes message should highlight staying away from demonstrations that deter development and instead focusing on peace, unity, development and growth. Realisation of Zimbabwe’s greatness would fulfil the wishes of the national heroes and heroines, a prosperous Zimbabwe. Honouring our heroes and heroines would have meaning, if Zimbabwe realises its potential and when Zimbabweans decide and choose to come together and build the country to its greatness.