Corruption expose Chamisa’s mercenary politics

By Daphine Zulu

Ancient Japanese saying that ‘a fish rots from the head’ aptly summarises the mercenary politics of MDC-A led by Nelson Chamisa. The opposition party’s relentless search for relevance on the political space, wanton corruption in local governments, national sabotage among a host of other septic political gimmicks gives a clear indication that MDC-A politicians are in for money not national pride and service.

The recent appointment of a committee to investigate fraudulent party council officials is a little too late for the self-righteous ‘party of excellence.’ Ostensibly, the committee is said to have been put together to crack whip on corrupt on officials within the party.

It is hilarious how the architects of corruption want to play Messiah to the evil that they gave birth to in the first place, in Shona its said chawakadyara ndicho chaunokohwa. A recent development in the MDC-Alliance purported to have been embarked with intent to cleanse the party, leader Nelson Chamisa appointed a committee to investigate and take action against fraudulent officials within the party, lives a lot to be desired.

So finally the self-righteous party has gotten a wakeup call to stop blaming Zanu PF or probably they didn’t realise that by appointing this said committee they are then finally admitting that corruption is high in its rank and file.

In an interview with Voice of America (VOA) Studio 7, Sesel Zvidzai once described corruption in his party saying, “the party was shocked to find that street kids, who had just become mayors, who had no toothpaste nor toothbrush had got a fleet of vehicles now and expensive houses.” In his very words, as he was trying to explain mayoral disputes which were happening in Harare then.

Yester year, a motion of the same nature was moved when the late former president Morgan Tsvangirai embarked on a similar charge, again signalling that MDC was corruption ridden, and yet a decade down the line, the same party is still struggling to contain corruption.

2010 saw the then MDC formation setting up an independent commission to probe corruption among its councillors, ministers, legislators and top leaders after several of its leaders were investigated for allegedly engaging in corrupt activities.

Among those accused included the then Energy and Power Development Minister, Elias Mudzuri, co-Home Affairs Minister, Giles Mutsekwa and Mines deputy minister Murisi Zwizwai, only to mention but a few of the big guns. Sadly, history seem to be repeating itself as MDC’s councillors seem to have corruption running within their veins.

Zimbabwe may have gone through some tough economic times in the late 90’s, but despite whatever we were going through councils seemed to run more efficiently than the moment MDC parasites came into power. It’s no secret how service delivery became worse soon after MDC took over major cities; Bulawayo, Gweru, Chitungwiza, Norton, Mutare, Harare all speak of record breaking corruption levels. For some reason all major cities run by MDC have turned into dirty ghettos as they continue squandering finances intended for service delivery, pinning the blame on Zanu PF.

Harare’s latest water disaster which had to be rescued by Government speaks volumes to the extent of poor management and services offered by MDC-A councillors. Imagine MDC ran down Harare city to an extent that the whole city had run out of water!

Sadly most MDC officials purport that corruption within its ranks is a Zanu PF’s construct, the party’s leadership seem to have finally capitulated; a bitter pill to swallow.

Whilst we should be ululating at this great achievement, setting up of a team comprising of six officials - the Integrity and Accountability Panel (IAP), the question is, is there something new to expect from this new crew which seem to be merely following the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission’s footsteps; having of cause realised that the Government was making strides to put an end to corruption.

And to clearly spell out MDC’s hypocritical nature in their fight of corruption, how do they explain their insatiate love for representing those marred with corruption charges in court despite their political affiliation. It is no secret that MDC lawyers have gained notoriety for taking up corruption cases against those accused of it.

Speak of when Walter Mzembi was facing corruption charges, and was represented in court by Job Sikhala; Gideon Gono was also once represented by Tendai Biti and many other notable names.

It is beyond reasonable doubt that party lacks strong leadership, wise council and guidance. The party leader, Chamisa should invest much of his time to learn the demands of government instead of chasing after anything like an immature hippocampus bull.

As long as MDC-A’s mission is devoid of national pride and service, its politicians and councillors remain mercenaries chasing after money.