Youths’ involvement in economic turnaround critical

By Derrik Tsimba

Zimbabwe needs to nurture its productive activities across all economic sectors to realise economic stability. Key economic sectors such as agriculture and mining need to be harnessed to realise their full potential for the nation to flourish.

To realise economic turnaround and achieve economic prosperity young people should involve themselves in productive activities across the nation.

The country’s economy should be stimulated to grow through productive activities. Productive activities continue to be spear headed by Government through its effort to facilitate production in the country’s economic sectors.

Increasing production in economic sectors such as farming and mining has potential to revitalise the economy. Government through the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture Water Climate and Rural Resettlement, will soon allocate plots to youths to carry out farming projects across the nation after completion of the land audit program. Young people should take advantage of land acquired through the land distribution exercise to produce.

Zimbabwe’s population is dominated by youths who are close to sixty percent of the population. Youths have to organize themselves and take part in economic activities through forming companies and cooperatives.

Pro-active youths have the potential to commence self-generated projects that feed into the production sector and ultimately benefit the whole economy. Hence, young people must be involved in all sectors of the economy and ensure that they become the foundation on which the economy is anchored upon.

Currently youths are the hope of Zimbabwe’s economic success. They must develop capacity and sharpen their skills to serve the nation through productivity.

Agriculture remains the backbone of the country’s economy. Zimbabwean youths are populated in rural areas and are involved in agriculture and related economic activities to sustain themselves. In Zimbabwe, the agriculture sector provides employment and income for close to fifty percent of the country’s population.

Organised youths who take part in the agriculture sector should be responsible for supplying raw materials for production in the   industrial sector thereby resulting in an increase of the country’s export earnings.

Youths also have vast opportunities in the mining sector of Zimbabwe. The country has vast resources with great potential for further mineral discoveries. Opportunities in mining are many as the country has a diversified mineral resource base which include gold, nickel, copper, zinc, chrome and lead among others.

The mining sector is expected to continue growing on the back drop of investment from international investors such as those from China and Russia who have shown interest to mine in Zimbabwe. 

Youths in mining shall soon be capacitated through the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development which intends to provide youths with the much needed mining equipment to make their projects productive.   Ministry of Mines is investing in key infrastructure development to ensure sustainable mining. 

Through the Transitional Stabilisation Programme (TSP), towards a prosperous and empowered upper middle income society 2030, Government is prioritising initiatives targeted at young people and women to achieve a more inclusive and sustainable economic growth to reduce poverty in a sustainable and permanent manner.