Towards widening the democratic space in the Second Republic

by Trevor Namenda

Whilst the opposition fraternity chooses to call it creation of a non autonomous state, the writer chooses to call it widening the democratic space in the Second Republic.

The Constitutional Amendment Bill which has attracted a lot of criticism in political space particularly by the opposition fraternity has a lot of positives if its critics are sincere enough and not oppose for the sake of opposing.

The Bill points to the fact that youth and women involvement in politics and decision making should be enhanced. Principles of democracy articulate this as a fundamental right. According to President Mnangagwa in one of his speeches, “Empowering the women and youth is empowering the future.”

The Second Republic under the leadership of President Mnangagwa chose to enhance the narrative. Shockingly the narratives have been widely used by the opposition parties during their campaigning message, to which the writer chooses to ironically applaud them. An open question would be that, what is now wrong then when President Mnangagwa chooses to implement this wish?

The same opposition personality went on a savage attack of ZANU PF claiming that the party is recycling old politicians in the governance systems. Today, the Second Republic chose to increase young and fresh blood in the same system. Again what is illegal about that?

In the same vain we have heard opposition personalities again like Lynet Karenyi Kore of MDC challenging the Government that women were being sidelined in the decision making processes. Today the Second Republic is seeking to extent the women’s quota which was set to expire under the current Parliament. What is wrong about that again?

One is bound to openly ask where we are going as a country. We have an opposition sector which seeks to discredit development, at the expense of providing developmental ideas. Being in leadership goes beyond getting into the office but working for humanity.

“There is a need for mental reform along ethical lines that would produce in its turn an economic reform to benefit everyone. This would require a courageous change of attitude on the part of political leaders to enhance development”, Pope Francis once stated.

It is the mentality of opposing that some leadership lose the logic state of development by opposing some things which they normally advocate for.

More so, it worthy to note that, the Bill is set to drive the devolution agenda which has been at the top of the opposition campaign message. The devolution narrative which is set to enhance provincial based development remains one of the top priorities of the Second Republic.

People based leadership denotes listening leadership. The Second Republic is trying to show positive steps in listening to the calls of the citizens whether pro or government critics.

“Our political leaders have great responsibilities, but as with many situations in life, people often rise or fall to meet your expectations. Our responsibility as citizens is to expect our leaders to lead and to give them enough support so that they may do so”, Paul Polmon once said.

Let those who have ears hear, for Zimbabwe to develop everyone should coalesce under the leadership of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s vision 2030.