About idolising a man to be impeached

By Charles Motsi

Ever since his inauguration in 2017, the world has been waiting for it to happen and it was clear that it would eventually happen, Donald Trump’s impeachment was as obvious as the sun would rise every morning.

On 18 December 2018, the United States of America House of Congress voted to impeach their 45th president on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress; long overdue some would say.

One wonders why a lonely writer in the small country of Zimbabwe would bother himself with the happenings of the US congress. Well the answer is straight forward and simple, it is because here in Zimbabwe we have people who have idolised Trump and think that he is a ‘god’ and would wish for him to be their hero and champion even here in Zimbabwe.

It boggles the mind why a whole opposition party would look up to a man seen to be unfit for office by his own House or Representatives. When the Movement for Democratic Change and their leader, Nelson Chamisa, talk about Trump and his USA, one can see true admiration and a school-girl-like crush in the eyes of the Chamisa.

Chamisa even went as far as lying to his supporters that he had met Trump in the US and was promised millions of dollars if he ever came to power in Zimbabwe. This was revealed to be nothing more than a lie, leaving Chamisa with egg on his face. Poor poor Nelson.

The fact that he thought some made-up association with Trump would boost his popularity amongst his followers tells a lot on the shallowness of those who follow him and the very low regard they are held by the MDC leadership who even called them “stupid”.

A request by Trump to Ukrainian president Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden and his son sparked the impeachment scandal. Trump tried to use aid to Ukraine as a bargaining chip to get an upper hand on his opponent-in-waiting in this year’s presidential election. This begs the question of what the MDC hoped to learn from such an unscrupulous and morally bankrupt politician.

It just goes to show that the MDC itself is as morally bankrupt as the man they idolised and what is even scarier is what the MDC was willing to do and how far they were willing to compromise themselves and this country to get into Trump’s good graces. They have already begged for the prolonging of illegal sanctions on the people of Zimbabwe and they refuse to call for the removal of these illegal economic chokeholds.

It is not only Trump who is corrupt and lacking any morals but his whole Republican party too who are willing to keep him in power just to avoid embarrassment to their embattled party in the US politics.

Senate Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell has come up with rules for the impeachment trial that are meant to railroad the whole process and give a positive outcome for his party. This is just wrong, the people in and outside the US are tired of the man, he should just go.

In the same way that the people of Zimbabwe are tired of Chamisa and his MDC as evidenced by the snubbing of his useless SONA address which was one high sounding nothing. Why MDC, why idolise a man to be impeached by his own people?