MDC continues with its cry baby tactics

Gift Mashoko

In the two by- elections that were held over the weekend in Mwenezi ward 15 and Kuwadzana ward 44, MDC won in Kuwadzana whilst ZANU PF won in Mwenezi.

Over time ZANU PF has been winning in almost all by-elections that have taken place so far, with MDC claiming that rigging and vote buying would have taken place.

The Kuwadzana by-election was the first of many elections that MDC finally got to win. What would one expect from a party that has been claiming rigging since forever? What they fail to understand is that elections are won in the ballot box and not at rallies and social media where they think they have so much support.

In Mwenezi, ZANU PF candidate Samuel Kwinika managed to get 1 811 votes against a paltry 27 votes by Shepherd Dzuda of MDC Alliance. The margin here tells a lot because what really is 27 compared to 1811 votes. 27votes show that MDC does not have much supporters especially in rural areas. This should tell the MDC something as we get closer to the 2023 elections.

As for the Kuwadzana by-election results, Adonai Shoko MDC-A had 1 517, whilst Llyod Makuwe of ZANU PF polled 718 and Ndoya Wenel of the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) received a mere 12 votes.

One would then ask the MDC if the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) rigged in their favour, because they are always accusing ZEC of rigging in favour of ZANU PF. Hopefully the MDC have now learnt a lesson that votes are earned, and no rigging ever takes place.

It’s funny how MDC supporters were quick to celebrate and still accuse ZANU PF of vote buying. It was coincidence that ZANU PF National Political Commissar, Victor Matemadanda had previously given maize to supporters a few days before the by-elections. This made the MDC think that ZANU PF party had gone to distribute maize so as to get votes. People have always been given food aid or maize and that is not reason enough to accuse ZANU PF of vote buying.

Even if Commissar Matemadanda had gone to campaign what was wrong with that? Campaigning is normal when people are headed for an election. As if the MDC do not campaign as well.

Again if one looks at the Mwenezi and Kuwadzana results and if they were to be added, MDC’s high spirits would be quickly dampened because after adding the two ZANU PF would still win overally. This brings to mind the 2018 harmonised election results where MDC claim the elections were rigged.

This is exactly how the maths played. The MDC were beaten fair and square. Were they had won they had won yes, but after adding the overall total came out with ZANU PF being the victors.

In 2018 the MDC took ZANU PF to the Constitutional Court claiming that ZANU PF and ZEC had rigged the elections in favour of President Emmerson Mnangagwa. The MDC claimed to have evidence of rigging that they said had taken place during the harmonised presidential election. However no evidence turned up because they did not have any. They are just cry-babies who fails to admit that they have been defeated.

The general populace is however questioning how MDC could have won in Kuwadzana considering poor service delivery to ratepayers. The MDC is running the Harare City Council and they have totally failed when it comes to service delivery. Refuse collection is close to none, they have failed to provide clean tape water and they have failed to rehabilitate the roads.

Every time the MDC loses an election they start accusing ZANU PF of intimidating people and that vote buying took place. What the MDC does not realise is that in any election, one either wins or loses, elections are like a game were one either wins or loses. They should learn to accept defeat and learn a thing or two from the ruling party.

It is now very clear that MDC has no chance in the 2023 Presidential elections. MDC does not have the strategies to win the electorate. ZANU PF has been in the game for quite a long time and the MDC is full of people with the ‘I know everything’ syndrome, such that it’s very difficult for them to listen to other people’s views or advice.

This has not been the only ZANU PF victory were the party has been accused of rigging. In December 2018 ZANU PF won the Shurugwi ward 6 council by-elections and off-course the MDC accused the ruling party of rigging the elections. ZANU PF’s Edward Jnr Chitera got 396 votes while MDC’s candidate Mary Choga polled 16 votes. The margins tell a lot. The MDC has no support in rural areas at all.

Winning is because of hard work on the part of the candidate and Party at large as they campaign to get support. Supporters also vote for people they believe in, people they believe can bring positive developments to their communities and lives.