An election is an open race for everyone Adv Chamisa!

by Brightface Mutema

It defies logic that Nelson Chamisa claims that the forthcoming elections can only be deemed free, fair and credible if he alone emerges victorious.

Monopolising an electoral victory! So is Chamisa saying out of 23 aspiring presidential candidates, he is the only one who has the autonomy to victory? What would be the point of joining the race in the first place then?

It now appears that with economic, political and social stability, the MDC Alliance have the rag pulled under their feet and have no more rhetoric to campaign with and resorts to promises of mayhem in the quest to snatch an electoral victory.

As if that was not enough, while addressing a handful of MDC Alliance supporters in Mabvuku recently, PDP leader Tendai Biti also told their supporters that the only electoral victory acceptable to the Alliance was their own and not otherwise.

He pointed out that the Alliance will resort to anarchy in the event that ZANU PF wins. He insinuated civil disobedience to make the country ungovernable if ZANU PF wins the elections. This sounds like a real life paradox where the whole country is praying and calling for peace and tranquillity, while the MDC Alliance clamours for violence.

Biti went on to say some blatant claims that ZANU PF Government had purchased weapons worth one hundred thousand United States dollars (USD100.000.00) in preparation for any eventuality. This was nothing but some baseless claims aimed at buttressing their crave for violence. 

Typical of the whole Alliance outfit, these claims are regrettable and should be rebuked.

One, however, needs to be reminded of numerous surveys done by the Afro Barometer and other research institutes that tipped President Emerson Mnangagwa, a landslide victory that typified Mugabe’s 2013 feat.

This is also a clarion call to all level minded Zimbabweans that gone are the days when you are treated like pawns on a political chessboard. Shun violence and let that brotherly and sisterly love reign supreme for a better Zimbabwe.

For close to two decades our country had been in the political dungeons. We must, therefore, treat with scepticism anyone who harbours a mercenary mentality.

With all the efforts of re-engagement that are being done by the new dispensation, why can’t we play our part in the spirit of national rebuilding so that we secure a future for our kids?

Regardless of colour, race, gender let us also stand together as one, behind the mantra “Zimbabwe is open for business” and not Zimbabwe is open for violence.

We are going for an election where an unprecedented political freedom is being witnessed. The processes therein are clear of any myths for everyone to be satisfied with the upcoming competition. Why then would one thinks he/she is a cut above the rest and reserves the right to victory?

What’s the point for going for an election then, if MDC Alliance has already won the election?