Nelson Chamisa misleading supporters

By Derick Tsimba

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa is taking MDC supporters for a ride as he continues to mislead them on the 2018 electoral outcome.

Chamisa continues to claim through his statements that the 2018 election was stolen which in turn has fuelled disunity among Zimbabweans at a time when they must be focusing on unity and economic development.

The MDC leader has reiterated on many occasions that he will not be part of any productive talks in Zimbabwe except when he becomes recognized as the winner of the 2018 harmonised elections.

He has called for continued imposition of sanctions on Zimbabwe from the West which continues to work in cahoots with MDC in efforts to unseat a constitutionally elected Government.

MDC through its destructive actions. It is evident it is responsible for the economic eclipse as it has invited and continues to advocate for the imposition of sanctions on the people of Zimbabwe. To support this assertion, the MDC leader claims he has “key” to unlock the Zimbabwean economy.

The MDC would like the economic situation to continue deteriorating so as to incite people to turn against Government.

The leader has shown that he fails to be a unifier and would like anarchy to prevail in the country all in the name of capturing state power.

MDC under the leadership of Chamisa has become more divided by factionalism and this has been fuelled by failure to conduct transparent structures from the district to national level, owing to nepotism and imposition of candidates.

The root of Chamisa’s destructive was his dubious rise to power which was through skimming to outsmart Khupe and Mudzuri faction. Chamisa became the leader when he was introduced by Richard Tsvangirai (Junior) as the apparent heir of his late father to his supporters at Highlands’s residence.

In as much as that party would want to lead the country, it has opportunity to demonstrate economic progressiveness in all the MDC run councils and constituencies. Instead, the same councillors are involved in corruption and abuse of office.

During the recent MDC provincial assembly meeting held in Bulawayo this February, that party leader Chamisa admitted that his party members were involved in abuse of office especially councillors and national assembly members.

MDC claims that it will turn around the country’s fortunes yet it fails to run urban councils, Zimbabweans should take heed come 2023.