When the going gets tough, Wamba invents excuses

by Charles Motsi

Wednesday the 11th of  July has been chosen as the day for yet another, "Lets shutdown Harare" march.

I guess after the failure of the one on the 5th  of June, when people went about their business, it was inevitable that Nelson Chamisa and the Alliance would try again to rubble rouse and gain sympathy for their unworthy cause, a few days before the 2018 harmonised elections for the benefit of different electoral  observers.

It would seem that when Chamisa says that his Alliance want the Zimbabwe Elections Commission (ZEC) to be independent what they truly mean is that they want the commission to be wrapped around Chamisa's little finger. One gets the feeling that even if Justice Priscilla Chigumba was to move ZEC into the rundown MDC-T headquarters, Morgan Tsvangirai House, Chamisa would still find fault with the electoral body.

The bottom line is, the guy is not ready for an election and is now just scared of losing that he makes up excuse after excuse to justify why he is going to lose to President Emmerson Mnangagwa come August 1, 2018.

When someone is always hauling insults at people around them it is usually a sign that they are afraid of those whom they are insulting. This is true when it comes to Chamisa who never misses a chance to insult President Mnangagwa, even though the elderly statesman never indulges the young man by insulting him back.

Furthermore, comments by Chamisa regarding Justice Chigumba are not grounded on any truth at all but are just a mere projection of his obvious fear of losing.

When Justice Chigumba was still at the High Court she became the darling of the opposition because she would give out rulings that supported their cause. One case of note is when she acquitted Pastor Evan Mawarire for subversion. This case made her an instant hit within civil society circles as a champion of the little people.

That is probably why Chamisa himself, by his own admission, saw it fit to back her candidacy to replacing Justice Rita Makarau as the ZEC Chairperson. One then wonders why the same Chamisa is now flip flopping when it comes to his confidence in the integrity of Justice Chigumba.

Welshman Ncube, one of Chamisa’s chief allies in the MDC Alliance, was charmed by the resume of Chigumba and even remarked that “As the MDC, we welcome the new ZEC chairperson who is a distinguished lawyer and brings a wealth of experience as a judge.”  

After more than a decade we have a European election observer mission in the country and even they were impressed by the ZEC chair and her credentials.

“We will observe the election process, we have observed the ZEC Chairperson and realize that she is credible and qualified,” said European Union Election Observer Mission (EUEOM), Elmar Brok.

So in as far as the election is concerned no one is saying ZEC is 100 percent perfect because that would be impossible. However, those that are blaming and condemning ZEC’s capability are simply trying to hide behind a finger so as not to expose their own inadequacy.

To those that are looking forward to joining the march on the 11th of July, they must be cognisent of the fact that Chamisa and the MDC Alliance are simply trying  to find a scapegoat for their eventual  defeat of the imminent election.

Chamisa needs to get his house in order and stop trying to find imaginary anomalies that have little to no impact on the credibility of the election. When the going gets tough true statesman of pedigree will not hallucinate problems blaming their defeat on some funny science called chromatography.