Political nobodies should not comment about land

By Kundayi Masekesa

I write to dissect and expose the lies and hypocrisy in the statement issued yesterday by one Kudakwashe Ndavara on behalf of the so called Zimbabwe National Service Graduates Association (ZIM-NASGA).The poorly written statement was later reproduced by Zimeye.

Besides the statement being a high sounding rubbish, I was surprised by the hypocrisy, lack of clear understanding of the Zimbabwean constitution and a desperate attempt by Ndavara to use the land question to settle cheap political goals.

To start with, Ndavara is a political nobody who has no political voice to comment on issues of national interest. He is well known in Mt Darwin as an unrepentant G40 member who pays his bills by bootlicking Saviour Kasukuwere and Dickson Mafios.Ndavara was Kasukuwere’s right hand man when it comes to unleashing violence against Kasukuwere’s perceived opponents.

This man of limited education has spent much of his time being Kasukuwere’s toy boy and at one time he worked in Kasukuwere’s constituency office in Mt Darwin South as the Projects Manager, despite him having no knowledge about projects or management. Ndavara is very unpopular with many people from Mt Darwin South as he used  his proximity to the then ZANU PF National Political Commissar Kasukuwere to extort money from miners who are based in Mukaradzi in Mt Darwin.

I am not surprised by Ndavara’s statement in Zimeye publication. The man desperately lusts for publicity and he has been nicknamed “Mukomana wedzungu” by his fellow churchmates at the Family of God Church in Mt Darwin. He has no position in that Church but he behaves like an Elder and he manipulates his pastor so that he can have a voice in the church.

But today I don’t want to talk of Ndavara’s limited education or his reputation of bedding people’s wives. I want to talk of Ndavara as the Secretary General of the so called Zimbabwe National Service Graduates Association.

For the benefit of readers, the only organisation that represent graduates of the National Youth Service programme is the Zimbabwe National Youth Service Graduates Association (ZINSGA) not Ndavara’s Zimbabwe National Service Graduates Association (ZIM-NASGA .ZIM-NASGA which Ndavara purport to represent is a non-existent organisation that has no offices nor membership. That organisation is not registered and it only exist in the crooked mind of Ndavara and other G40 members. Interests of real graduates of the national youth service programme are well catered for under ZINSGA. Ndavara’s organization is a nonentity and has no authority to comment on the issue of land.

Coming to the issue of land, Ndavara has paraded his lack of understanding of Zimbabwe’s constitution. Ndavara also insinuates that compensating former white farmers for the development they did on their previous farms is tantamount to returning land to the Whites. On this one Ndavara is lost. Land reform programme is irreversible and that is final.

Ndavara should have listened to President Mnangagwa’s speech during the Political Actors Dialogue committee meeting yesterday when he said that, “The Land Reform Programme is irreversible. To this there is no vacillation. The current processes with regards to land issues entail the implementation of provisions our National Constitution, in particular ,section 295 as it relates to black indigenous Zimbabweans.”

Ndavara in his poorly written statement that is riddled with many grammatical and semantic errors, said that he was keen to know the reason of compensation at the expense of his relatives who lost their lives for the same cause. Before giving Ndavara the reasons why former white farmers should be compensated, I must remind Ndavara that he has no known relative who went to war to liberate this country from the jaws of settler rule. Even Kasukuwere, Ndavara’s role model, was nowhere near the battlefield. Ndavara should  know that we are aware that  most of his relatives are well known opposition sympathisers and some of them were members of the Rhodesian Front at the time we were fighting for majority rule.

But Ndavara asked for reasons and I will give him those reasons. The reasons for the compensation of former white farmers are written in the Zimbabwe’s constitution on section 295. Section 295 of the Constitution has a sub heading that reads ,Compensation for acquisition of previously-acquired agricultural land. The same section further states that any indigenous Zimbabwean whose agricultural land was acquired by the State before the effective date is entitled to compensation from the State for the land and any improvements that were on the land when it was acquired.

 The section adds that any person whose agricultural land was acquired by the State before the effective date and whose property rights at that time were guaranteed or protected by an agreement concluded by the Government of Zimbabwe with the government of another country, is entitled to compensation from the State for the land and any improvements in accordance with that agreement.

Section 295 goes on to state that any person, other than a person referred to in subsection (1) or (2), whose agricultural land was acquired by the State before the effective date is entitled to compensation from the State only for improvements that were on the land when it was acquired. Maybe Ndavara has not seen this section or maybe because of his limited education, he failed to comprehend the meaning of that section.

Ndavara should be reminded that compensating white farmers is not selling out but its one way of bringing closure to the land reform programme. He should also be reminded that by agreeing to compensating white farmers, President Mnangagwa has portrayed himself as a constitutionalist who is determined to correct all anomalies concerning the land reform.

Ndavara also insinuated that the decision to compensate white farmers was shrouded in secrecy and the generality of the people were not consulted .Again Ndavara is wrong. The generality of the Zimbabweans agreed to compensate former white farmers in 2013. By voting yes for the constitution, the people were also saying yes to compensation. All political parties participated during the constitution making process and they all agreed to section 295 which talks about compensation. So Ndavara should know that people were consulted about the issue of compensation some seven years ago. The Government is only implementing what the people of Zimbabwe agreed to do in 2013.

Ndavara should shut up or concentrate on being Kasukuwere’s bootlicker. On the issue of land, he should first utilize his farm at Motoro along Darwin -Mutungagore road before he starts hallucinating about the compensation of former white farmers.