Nelson Chamisa: The curse of the MDC

by Innocent Mujeri

It doesn’t need a soothsayer to say that the MDC in all its various formations is taking its final steps to political abyss.

Each passing day, the political obituary of the MDC is further being written. The once vibrant opposition outfit is now a mere shadow of its former self as the party has disintegrated into different political fragments. Members seem to be confused on which faction of the party they belong to. Others claim that they are MDC Tsvangirai (MDC T) while others say they belong to the MDC Alliance (MDC-A).

Ironically, both formations claim to have one constitution, one headquarters and the same date of inception. The other formation claims that their leader is Nelson Chamisa while the other faction claims that they are being led by Dr Thokozani Khupe. It is clear that the MDC circus has no end in sight.

But what has brought all this confusion or rather who has brought this confusion into the MDC? Who is to blame for the chaos in the MDC politics? It is crystal clear that the architect of the problems bedevilling the MDC is none other than Nelson Chamisa. His greedy for political power, his lack of maturity and his failure to correctly interpret the MDC constitution has brought all this chaos into the MDC. If only Chamisa had not unconstitutionally usurped the MDC T’s presidency at Tsvangirai’s death, all this political confusion might not have been happening in the MDC. If only Chamisa had respected the Supreme Court ruling that Khupe was the legitimate leader of the MDC, maybe the opposition outfit would not have disintegrated the way it has done.

Chamisa’s arrogance and lack of political maturity has costed other innocent people their jobs as parliamentarians. His love for blame game has denied the MDC a chance to introspect as they blame ZANU PF for everything that happens in that party. His love for megaphone politics has robbed him of elders who can give him correct political advice. Now Chamisa is alone to navigate the mucky waters of Zimbabwean politics with no elders to give him valuable advice. Opposition political elders like Elias Mudzuri and Morgan Komichi have all abandoned Chamisa. He is now surrounded by political novices such as Fadzayi Mahere, Charlton Hwende and political flip floppers like Tendai Biti and Job Sikhala. These political flip floppers cannot give sound advice to Chamisa as they have also failed in their respective party politics. It is because of the childish and toxic advice which Chamisa receives from these political toddlers that he often misbehaves like what a donkey does before a grinding mill crowd.

I would not have done justice to my readers if I fail to inform them that Chamisa is a confused fella who doesn’t know which political trajectory to take. At one time he says that he has nothing to do with the MDC T then few seconds later he is heard claiming that he will contest the presidency at the forthcoming MDC T Extra Ordinary Congress. Yes, we all know that he is a loud mouth who says whatever comes first to his mind, but we must also remind Chamisa that his blatant disregard for his party’s constitution and his lack of respect for the party elders has brought the MDC on the verge of extinction. The MDC certainly does not need a rabble-rouser with shallow political strategy like Chamisa.

Dear readers, I think you would agree with me that in two years’ time, Chamisa has succeeded in destroying the MDC because of his brazen denial of the truth on the ground. The blame game, rogue, rawness, gross indiscipline and disregard for the law by Chamisa has reduced the MDC into a lawless organization where anyone can do anything without fear. Remember that it’s Chamisa who set his notorious his militia, the Vanguards on Khupe and Mwonzora at Tsvangirai’s funeral. It’s Chamisa who caused many people to desert the MDC after labeling that party’s supporters as stupid. It is also Chamisa who lied to the MDC members that he was anointed by Tsvangirai to lead that party. If Tsvangirai had endorsed Chamisa as the heir, why then is Tsvangirai’s son Vincent in different camps with Chamisa? It’s such lies and the love for violence by Chamisa that has left the MDC as a deserted camp of Mafia gangs.

Furthermore, Chamisa’s false belief that there is no single internal problem in the MDC that has no ZANU PF hand in it has continued to weaken that party as members have joined the bandwagon of blaming ZANU PF in everything. That fallacy by Chamisa of thinking that ZANU PF is working to destroy the MDC is what has brought the MDC to its knees. Chamisa is still in denial that MDC has had a series of internal power struggles from its inception, based on parentage, dearth of ideological clarity, brazen disregard for its own constitution, immaturity, blind activism, disrespect for women and violence. He still senselessly blames the splits from Welshman Ncube to Tendai Biti, Job Sikhala up to Thokozani Khupe on ZANU PF. He still wrongly thinks that he garnered more votes than President Mnangagwa during the 2018 elections. Such misrepresentation of facts by Chamisa has turned the MDC into a confused political organization with no political strategy.

The problem with Chamisa is that he lacks that thought process, that sense of belonging to Zimbabwe, that sense of responsibility in national building and indeed that sense of nationalism. In short, the current problems rocking the MDC boat started with a monumental mistake by Chamisa to steal power from Khupe during Tsvangirai’s funeral. It is that mistake that has brought the MDC to this state of confusion. Until the day Chamisa come to his senses and start respecting his party’s constitution and respecting court rulings, the MDC will remain a political organization where infighting will be the order of the day.