Regime Change Agenda always on the US Gvt’s mind

By Taurai Mazwi

…they will not win over Zimbabwe

The Government of the United States of America (USA) has always been responsible for and involved in setting an atmosphere to effect regime change. Wherever they have interests they make it a point that they do whatever it takes and whatever they can to get what they want.

Their activities entail both public and private operations and fortunately for Zimbabwe because we are learning from previous experiences of other countries that the U.S has attempted or has done the regime change tactics. They are trying so much to destabilise our political, economic and social stability, but they will never win.

Initially their regime change operations started in Latin America, thereafter they shaped and installed Governments across the world. Could it be the reason why they think they are now the headmasters of the world?

The United States Government was instrumental in ending the rule of Adolf Hitler in Germany and Benito Mussolini in Italy. Significant operations included the United States and United Kingdom –orchestrated the 1953 Iranian coup d’etat, the 1961 Bay of Pigs Invasion which targeted Cuba and support for the overthrow of Surkarno in Indonesia.

In addition, the U.S has also meddled in the national elections of countries, including in Japan in the 1950s and 1960s, the Philippines in 1953, and in Lebanon in the 1957 elections using secret cash infusions, just like they are now doing with MDC A, by funding their projects. They think that just because their regime change agenda was a success in other countries they will win in Zimbabwe as well. They should dream on.

The U.S according to findings, performed at least 81 overt and covert known interventions in foreign elections during the period 1946–2000. Another study found that during the Cold War, the U.S engaged in 64 covert and six overt attempts at regime change. It would certainly be proper to say that these are the documented or exposed operations and there are more out there and more still being done. I would say without these regime change operations this American Government will have nothing to do.

In June 2018, Ambassador Brian Nichols was nominated to be the U.S Ambassador to Zimbabwe by former President Donald Trump.  

Nichols was in late July 2020 threatened with expulsion from the country and called a "thug" by the ZANU PF party after he had been accused of helping organizers of an anti-government march against President Emmerson Mnangagwa

"Concerning the machinations and antics of the US ambassador Brian Nichols and a coterie of gangsters and mercenaries who are disguised as diplomats, I want to warn them and remind them that it is high time they get to know that Zimbabwe is a sovereign republic and we are a full sovereign State,"

"He continues to engage in acts that undermine this republic. If he continues to undermine the republic, mobilizing, and funding disturbances coordinating violence and training in insurgency, our leadership will not hesitate to give him marching orders,” said the ZANU PF National Spokesperson Cde Patrick Chinamasa.

Cde Chinamasa went on to say, "Diplomats should not behave like thugs and Brian Nichols is a thug. Several diplomats are seconded to this country from the African Union and the world over and they have never masqueraded as our prefects as Mr. Nichols is doing.

"Don't dare Zimbabwe. We are waiting for you. Zimbabwe is not one of the states or provinces that make the United States of America. We fought for this country to preserve it not to surrender it from those whom we tirelessly fought against. Never ever in our lifetime," he said.

Nichols thinks Zimbabwe is a province of USA, he is wrong because Zimbabwe is a sovereign state. He is working on trying to effect regime change in this country that’s why he says and does whatever he wants.

Zimbabwe is not working on reforms because the U.S said so, but because they are electoral promises which like any other electoral promise such as infrastructural development and the fight against corruptions must be fulfilled. Never will Zimbabwe bend to the will of the American Government.

The U.S has for long been funding MDC A’s political mobilisation activities under the guise of peace-building. They are hiding behind the MDC A with their regime change agenda. The MDC A has become a U.S puppet in the regime change agenda setting. Good thing Zimbabwean Government is well aware and is watching closely their activities.

Recently the U.S funded the MDC A congress through CSOs like the Community Tolerance Reconciliation and Development Trust   (COTRAD) and Masvingo Center for Research and Development (MACRAD) both in Masvingo and both of whom paid the bill for the congress venue, after they had applied to the USA for funding of a peace building project to be implemented in 2020.

This led to the U.S embassy instructing them to get recommendations from MDC A which is alleged to be a victim of political violence. How can the MDC A be victims of political violence when they are the ones who would have caused or started the violence in the first place?

The USA has become what it is today because of the resources it has been looting from the weak states, like slaves and minerals. They have been looting oil and other resources in countries they have effected regime change, were they have installed their puppets leaders.

It would however be proper for the U.S Government to keep away from Zimbabwe’s affairs because the Zimbabwean Government is well aware of the U.S tactics. The Zimbabwean people got their freedom through the liberation struggle and they will not allow the white colonialists to effect any form of regime change in Zimbabwe.