Ngarivhume outpaces Chamisa

Welldone Tembo

It is only, but common sense that when the electorate goes to vote they are expecting changes for the betterment of their lives. No one votes to be constantly reminded of a vote they cast and how they should prepare themselves for the next election without anything progressive in-between. However, common sense is not so common to the brothers and sisters at MDC Alliance; who think they are the only political alternative.

Transform Zimbabwe leader, Jacob Ngarivhume, seems to have smelt the coffee and is following right in the footsteps  of President Emmerson Mnangagwa in pursuing the developmental agenda.

MDC A activists and protagonists have been in the trenches negating and opposing every step taken by Government from the rural bakeries to the commissioning of various projects around the country. So shallow was this gist that they ended up comparing Kazungula Bridge and the one commissioned by President Mnangagwa in Karanda, Mt Darwin.

To those who have been to  Karanda hospital will testify that community and patients from around Zimbabwe had been cut off from the medical facility which is one of the fountains of life locally. The comparison to say the least was far fetched if not ill thought by the merchants of antagonism disguised as the opposition.

Today, the talk from MDC A leaders is all about how the electorate should defend their vote in the future from the allegedly thieving ZANU PF. There is also the unproven narrative of constitutional crises and abuse of human rights.

Paradoxically, the question of how the electorate can defend their vote applies to the encoder of that message; the MDC A leadership. How are they securing or defending the vote that was not stolen by ZANU PF? What is MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa doing for the vote that was not stolen? Not even an effort to afford them a decent life by way of fixing raw sewage that has become the order of the day. Garbage remains uncollected. Our roads are riddled by potholes and driving has become nightmare to most motorists.

This is where Ngarivhume comes in by doing the simplest of activities, engaging the locals and fixing the obvious in the case, clearing garbage. It had to take political midgets of his stature to espouse such a noble initiative when team Chamisa is deep in the slumber and complacency punctuated by a plethora of theories of deception.

One really wonders if ever there is a stolen vote or this is just, but one of those trump cards designed to buy time until the next election. If there can be no service delivery, what then is the purpose of the opposition in council? It is so easy to assume they are there to push for the interests of the west and getting a pay cheque at the end of the day.

Any good meaning Zimbabwean or pressure group would certainly render some help to Ngarivhume if it is really about bettering the lives of fellow Zimbabweans. Because Ngarivhume is one individual who has seen the light that opposition leaders don't necessarily have to engage in kudira jecha all the time.