Let’s shun Government detractors

Grace Chekai

Zimbabweans should shun Government detractors¬ views and utterances as we work together in building the Zimbabwe we all want. The administration of President Emmerson Mnangagwa is doing the best in improving the welfare of its citizens.

These efforts in the Second Republic cannot go unnoticed. If we chose to listen to Government detractors surely we will all fall in a pit.It is best if we just work together with our Government in our road to a Zimbabwe we all want. Let us not chose to listen to Government detractors they are just there to destroy and not to build.

Recently in a move that left many perplexed the opposition party MDC Alliance and Government detractors who include the like of Hopewell Chin`ono  and Jacob Ngarivhume where found being vaccinated to the Covid-19 vaccine Sinopharm which they criticized on all social media platforms, discouraging the populace to get vaccinated to the jab.

Tweeting on his Twitter Handle soon after the arrival of the Sinopharm vaccine from China, Chin`ono posted, “Hanzi ne ZANU PF tokubayayi chete chinhu chavo cheku China. Lawyer what does the constitution say about forcing a person to take medication or vaccines they don`t want to take, especially when they question the vaccine`s efficacy and tests?!”

This tweet clearly suggests that Chin`ono was against the Covid-19 vaccine jab.

Surprisingly a few weeks later Chin`ono got vaccinated against the Covid-19 Virus. He was injected with the Sinopharm vaccine. On his Tweeter Hnadle Chin`ono posted, “Today I was Covid-19 vaccinated in Harare. Journalists are in the priority category in Zimbabwe.

“I received the Sinopharm vaccine. The staff was extremely courteous and professional. Vaccines are the only defense available to avoid getting seriously ill if you contract the Corona Virus.”

Chin`ono had first discouraged the people to get the C-19 vaccine but he went ahead to get the jab. One can actually deduce that this self-claimed Journalist is there to destroy the efforts by the Government in turning around the economy.

He lied on his Twitter Handle that the Government is forcing people to get the jab and yet it was made clear that the vaccine was voluntary and free for everyone. His intention was to tarnish the image of the country but it could not help because the people are getting vaccinated every day in Zimbabwe. Chin`ono had to swallow his pride and got vaccinated because he knows that the C-19 vaccine is the only way out to bit the C-19 virus.

These Government detractors are trying by all means to destroy the efforts of the Government in turning around the economy but to no avail.

When schools opened this year after almost a complete year of closure due to C-19 pandemic, Government detractors where found on social media discouraging teachers to go to work. However this did not work for them. Schools opened and everything returned to normalcy.

Zimbabwe is one of the few countries that is managing to deal with the negative impact brought about by C-19.Teachers were still getting their normal salaries which were never cut despite the fact that they were at home and not going to work. The teachers appreciates Government efforts in ensuring that their needs are well catered for. It is only Government detractors who shun progress and are there to influence teachers not to attend classes.

Our Government is doing all it can to improve our education sector. However the Government detractors will not succeed in pulling down our education sector.

Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) an organization which claims that it stands for teacher`s plights in rural areas is one of the unions that does not want to see an improvement in our education sector.

Last year most pupils in rural areas failed in their exams dismally. Of course the C-19 contributed to their failure but it was worsened by this union which is always discouraging teachers not to attend lessons whenever schools open.

However, school lessons have returned to normalcy and the teachers are just following the C-19 regulations in conducting their lessons.

One can actually deduce that Government detractors cannot be listened to. As Zimbabweans we need to work together with our Government in building better Zimbabwe. Government detractors are there to destroy the efforts of our Government in building a Zimbabwe we all want.