Chamisa under pressure

Jasper Hloka

The Game of Thrones is proving to be too difficult for the self-proclaimed ‘darling of the people’, Nelson Chamisa, who is dismally failing to find a political foothold in the melee that is bedeviling his rein at MDC Alliance.

The all- talk and no- show opposition leader has created more enemies than friends since his ascendancy to the presidency of the MDC. His loose talk and overrated political charisma led him to fall out with other opposition stalwarts whom he blatantly underestimated.

MDC-T leader, Douglas Mwonzora, was labelled a villain as opposition supporters put all their eggs into Chamisa’s basket. Everybody was almost convinced that the brand Chamisa was invincible and the crusade ‘Chamisa Chete Chete’ was to make a very loud and deafening noise.

All this was being done or was left to unfold oblivious of the lessons that history had once taught MDC-T founding fathers and Chamisa himself. Perhaps he was not jotting down the notes as history was being made by then MDC-T Secretary General, Tendai Biti, who left with almost everything from that party when he formed People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Pride and untamed zest, saw Chamisa making fun of Mwonzora; whose bounce-back is harming the MDC A in every possible way to an extend that Chamisa could not help the situation but put arms in akimbo and watch the drama unfolds.

Social media memes depicting Mwonzora as a cobra, goat, mercenary and sellout have become the order of the day as both the MDC A leadership and their followers fret over the untouchable Mwonzora as he reins terror in the rank and file of the MDC.

All the odds seem to favor Mwonzora over the overzealous Chamisa “kutonhodzwa kwachauruka”.

Being the man of words that he is known to be, Chamisa went back into the cocoons claiming he is fasting and communicating with the Lord Almighty for an unknown period of time. His followers grew impatient and started to call their Moses to come down from the prayer mountain and lead from the front. All that could come out of our “motor-mouth” lad was wait for my signal.

The signal never came. There was no signal and people close to Chamisa in the Alliance started to realise this. Transform Zimbabwe leader, Jacob Ngarivhume, moved out of the ranks and started collecting garbage around in a move aimed at marking their presence; alas reminding the people that they are still in the political circles.

Chamisa being the person who opposes everything, I mean everything, quickly realized that the Ngarivhume glory train was gaining momentum; unashamedly hopped on to the clean up campaigns forgetting that he had chastised President Mnangagwa over same.

Well, they say desperate times call for desperate measures.

However, time is ticking the 2023 harmonised elections are drawing closer by the day and our opposition brothers have nothing to show for their worthy.

Weather conditions and natural disasters have presented them with a chance to show Zimbabwe that they are not all about parroting for their western handlers, but as unwise readers of history they continue falling into the same pit.

Cyclone Idai came, instead of embarking on humanitarian aid; all they could do was blame Government for alleged lack of preparedness. Now we are amid a ravaging Second wave of Covid 19, the talk of Chinese vaccine’s alleged low efficacy percentage was all they could go about. Unbeknown to their supporters these guys were being jabbed waya waya across the country. 

Under these circumstances who would blame anybody who would want to unseat Chamisa? They claim to be a Government in waiting but cannot show for it. People are supposed to just believe for the sake of believing?

People should look closely at how Chamisa fires from the hip perennially, that way they might see that after all he is not much of a political messiah that he claims to be.

This week he pulled a shocker when he sought to break his long silence by tweeting “THERE WILL BE NO CONFUSION…We don’t put all eggs in one basket. We don’t clumsily lay all our cards on the table. We don’t flip the book open for them to counter us. In this game you don’t let the opposite know what the game plan is. We keep them stewing and guessing”

The tweet invited a whole lot of backlash from across the political divide as people could tell that there was a politician grappling for breath as he sinks into political oblivion. One crude netizen Kaelin Choto was to trend after placing Chamisa into his right place by simply remarking “the art of camouflaging cluelessness” as she responded to Chamisa.

She couldn’t get any right, as Chamisa is in no uncertain terms a politically spent force.