Where did Nelson Chamisa get his rebellious traits?

Staff Reporter

… could it be through the bloodline

Today as I was going through my reading, I came across something I have always overlooked and it got me thinking. The leader of the MDC Alliance party, Nelson Chamisa, is son of the late Silvanus Chamisa who was in the Rhodesian Army, yes the White Rhodesian Army.

Chamisa’s father was a Rhodesian soldier who served in the Rhodesian African Rifles (RAF) battalion fighting against the liberation war fighters and those who supported the liberation struggle.  It is no doubt that by serving in the RAF battalion, Silvanus  was a sharp shooter and he must have shot many of his fellow men and women point blank at the order of the white men just to please his masters, the white men.

During the liberation struggle those who worked in the Rhodesian Army were referred to as “Mupuruvheya.” After doing some digging I learnt that Chamisa’s late father was feared in Gutu, his home area, because he was well known for incinerating anyone suspected of supporting the liberation struggle.

Can you, my dear reader, however imagine what kind of man would fight against the liberation of his own country from the white man?

This is the legacy Nelson Chamisa got from his father, fighting along with the white men against his own kinsmen. The sell-outs DNA has been passed on, hence it is not surprising when the naïve politician engages in kudira jecha, a strategy to disrupt any government projects so as to put pressure on it to achieve regime change.

Chamisa is willing to do whatever it takes to be the country’s President even if it means having to be a puppet of the white man. Nelson Chamisa does not care about anyone, but himself as evidenced but his utterances after sending people to the streets to clash with the authorities whom he later called "Stupid and Foolish".

The way they went around Western countries with his deputy, Tendai Biti, begging for sanctions to be placed on Zimbabwe and asking the IMF not to fund Zimbabwe is testament enough to their egotistical behaviour. It blatantly shows that Chamisa does not care a whit about the suffering of Zimbabweans.

Word has it that at Makumbe just a few kilometres from Mupandawana in Gutu, several people were massacred at Chikomo Chavasikana during the liberation struggle and Nelson Chamisa’s father was among the perpetrators. Ghosts are said to be haunting Chavasikana hills where several collaborators especially chimbwidos were massacred.

The liberation war heroes and heroines who include chimbwidos and mujibhas fought a good fight for the country’s liberation, independence and freedom. Peace and unity prevail in this beautiful country of Zimbabwe because of these people, whom people like Mr Silvanus Chamisa massacred, a legacy his son is still carrying out today.

The President has always encouraged unity and peace in Zimbabwe, but this is something that Nelson Chamisa has always defied. The Western white man does not want peace and unity to prevail because they know that once Zimbabweans are united, they will not get the opportunity to be in charge of this country and its resources through their proxies.

The Western countries have tried so many strategies through the MDC A elements, but they always fail and they will continue to fail because Zimbabwe has so many people who defend its sovereignty, its independence and would never want it to be a colony again. They can only try, but they will not win. Zimbabwe has many united and peaceful people than those against a united, independent Zimbabwe.