ED pursues National Development to turn around the country

Derick Tsimba

President Emmerson Mnangagwa continues to pursue National Development through his various activities in the country such as road rehabilitation, housing construction and farming support.

Zimbabwe has begun to walk on the path of National Development through the efforts of President Mnangagwa who is determined to turn around the country.

Quite a number of initiatives can be outlined which the President has undertaken on his quest to bring back Zimbabwe on its feet.

No nation can have a stable economy with a poor road networking system. The roads are like the veins of the economy which transport the factors of production. This enables value addition thereby increasing the Gross Domestic Product. The President set out to ensure the country’s road connectivity becomes sound. We can see how the Harare-Beitbridge highway had been extremely damaged but now through the efforts of President Mnangagwa, it has become a thing of the past. The highway now has been upgraded to regional standards surpassing levels above those previously achieved for that highway.

Needless to say, MDC-A having been in control of most urban councils for the past 20 or so years, nothing much has been done by the same in terms of road works for the councils in question. For example, in Harare during that period, the city’s road infrastructure dilapidated greatly. Currently the Government’s road rehabilitation programme spearheaded by President Mnangagwa has commenced the rehabilitation of these roads.

Towards providing accommodation to citizens, Government recently unveiled doctors’ accommodation at Marimba Flats in Harare. The President noted that Zimbabwe’s doctors deserved the finest support possible. The President also revealed that the doctors’ accommodation at Marimba Flats was just one of the many projects that are helping to rebuild Zimbabwe.

Paving way to build new accommodation, old colonial structures such as those at Mbare, Matapi flats are going to be reconstructed with a more urban look. The method shall be replicated in most cities as Government addresses the accommodation crisis.

Providing farming support in Zimbabwe as in the case of Zimplats, President Mnangagwa officiated the launch of the construction of a dairy parlour. The dairy parlour has 1200 dairy cows with a capacity to produce 7.66 million litres of milk per year creating hundreds of jobs for the local community. The President mentioned that he was determined to rebuild business in Zimbabwe for the benefit of many.

Adding on, Minister of Lands Agriculture, Fisheries, Water & Rural Resettlement, Dr Anxious Masuka has since revealed that plans are underway to increase the national dairy herd to 60 000 from 39 000 by 2025. Government should achieve this by partnering with the private sector.

Upgrading clinics and hospitals, the Bona clinic in Bubi was funded to the tune of ZWL$9.200.000 by Government under the devolution projects. The clinic should be opened in the next five weeks serving an estimated 12000 households from Bona, Goodwood, Nkayi-Tshanke and Dabe areas.

Towards attaining the vision 2030, transforming the nation into an upper middle income economy, President Mnangagwa has walked the talk and surely continues to put in place initiatives to make this a success.