MDC-A incompetence creating eye sore towns

Derick Tsimba

The MDC Alliance has proven over the past 20 years of its gross incompetence and corruption that has left residents in towns bearing the brunt of their ineptitude.  The original MDC together with its subsequent formations has not given hope to those who have misguidedly voted for them in past twenty years, but have rather piled misery after misery making towns eyesores under their watch.

Biting the hand that feeds them, the MDC Alliance fails to address the plight of the same electorate that voted them into power. In Harare (the former sunshine city) has become a city of uncollected garbage, sewers gushing out, impassable pot-holed roads, decade-long unrepaired street lights and undrinkable dirty water on residents’ taps among other known ills.

The corrupt tendencies of MDC-Alliance are the main reason why towns and cities are facing challenges, which are adversely affecting service delivery.

It is well known by the public how the town council resources are being misappropriated in Harare, Bulawayo, Chitungwiza, Norton among other city councils run by the MDC Alliance.

As in the case of Bulawayo City Council (BCC), Zimbabwe anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) descended on BCC after investigations on corrupt land allocation and sales were unearthed.

BCC was involved in the un-procedural allocation of stands to MDC-Alliance councillors as well as senior council officials. MDC-A council officials continue to be named in shady deals countrywide involving land sales, which benefit their associates at the expense of residents.

On record, the Norton town council got overwhelmed by its own expenditure to the extent of failing to pay for its water rates to Harare City Council. The council ended up accruing a debt amounting to $177 million. Sometime in June, this year, the Norton council agreed to a weekly payment plan of $1 million to clear the debt. One wonders where the money paid by residents was going to.

Another case involves the Chitungwiza MDC Alliance-led municipality whose failures resulted in Government signing a USD $ 1.8 million Zimbabwe Multi-Donor Trust Fund (ZimFund) grant with the African Development Bank (AfDB) to assist the town with its sewer system.

In Chitungwiza, residents are disgruntled living metres away from flowing sewer, this has contributed to perennial outbreaks of diseases such as cholera and typhoid.

Surprisingly MDC-Alliance calls itself the epitome of change, whilst its record so far shows the opposite. In actual fact when MDC Alliance rants about bringing change, people and MDC Alliance supporters should ask themselves, what has the MDC Alliance councillors done for them through the councils under their control across the nation.  

Why should it be difficult for the MDC-A to contribute towards positive change for the nation and the people it claims to love? Why should that party fail to run councils and turn the nation around towards prosperity? This is the irrefutable proof that the MDC Alliance leadership is not capable of leading the country in the slim chance that it wins elections.

As we draw closer to the 2023 elections, the citizens of Zimbabwe should know where their bread is buttered by voting out incompetent MDC Alliance councillors whose poor record has made their lives miserable.