Maturity in politics saves the day

Mukachana Hanyani

Of late, the social media was awash with #NgaapindeHakeMukomana with some supporting this, in the belief that the youths vote will be the mainstay of the opposition MDC Alliance’s thirst to grab power from the ruling party, ZANU PF.

Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and other media outlets are awash with this hashtag and are calling for youths to register to vote for the MDC A. They go on to encourage the youths that in 2023, after voting, they should protect their vote. However, it is not clear how the said youths would protect their votes when they would not be part and parcel of those who would be counting the votes.

What is surprising is the silence by those people advocating the youths vote on how to treat the senior citizens. It seems they are only concerned with seeing the youths voting and not concerned with votes coming from their elders especially senior citizens. This shows the immaturity of such politicians. Some people may not agree, but how could someone wishing to be a leader choose to be selective on who should vote for him? Isn’t it proper to show inclusivity among voters so that all ages can’t feel segregated or left out? It doesn’t need a rocket scientist to know that in an election; every vote counts.

But then again, maturity saves the day in politics. The MDC-A leader, Nelson Chamisa has many inconsistencies which are driven by immaturity. If people throw their minds back, they would agree with me.

Just before 2018 elections, Chamisa while addressing his supporters in one of his campaign rallies, vowed that if President Mnangagwa got 5% of the vote, he was going to give him his sister who was then turning 18 years. Come elections, President Mnangagwa trounced the gambler and of course people expected Chamisa to fulfil his pledge.  Nevertheless, he failed to own up to his pledge. It was apparent to everyone that such a pledge should never have been made by a mature politician, more so as it insulted female voters and I am sure some were put off by such patriarchal thinking. To add salt to an injury, past statistics have revealed that female voters outnumber male voters.

As if that was not enough, the same Chamisa in May 2018, told his supporters that he had met with the then USA President, Donald Trump in America who pledged US$15 Billion to the MDC-A once they win elections. His supporters and sympathisers received this information with hopeful glee.

While his supporters were still in jovial mood over the promised windfall from the world`s powerful leader, Chamisa then showed his ingenuousness again when he appeared in a Hardtalk interview hosted by BBC news anchor, Stephen Sackur. Sackur wanted Chamisa to confirm that he met Donald Trump and that he was promised some funds upon electoral victory. To everyone`s surprise, more so to his supporters and sympathisers, Chamisa categorically denied ever saying that he was promised US$15 billion by Trump and further denied ever meeting the then USA president.

Efforts by Sackur to play video of him addressing the rally where he said Trump promised him money were even refuted by him. It was shocking seeing the presidential hopeful showing inconsistencies in his speeches, leading many to question his political acumen.

This political immaturity is telling and should be indicative how such a leader does not have the mental ability to revive the fortunes of the country, which suffered years under sanctions.

The #NgaapindeHakeMukomana is yet another display of immaturity equating youthfulness with the ability to lead. If anything, people should be questioning how this youthful leader has presided over urban councils. If he is capable, he should have proved his mettle in successfully running the urban councils and people would not raise eyebrows if such a leader aspires for higher office.

More so presidents in the SADC region have not secured their throne by hyping the age card at the exclusion of tangible manifestos. Chamisa and crew should prove themselves politically in running urban councils if ever they are going to contend for the country’s presidency.

Politics is about maturity and youthful alone does not cut it.