Zimbabweans ready to cast their votes

by Rudo Saungweme

The Election Day is just around the corner, many are waiting eagerly to cast their votes so as to create the Zimbabwe we all want, come 30 July 2018. Everyone is being encouraged to vote.

Although some parties like the MDC Alliance are trying by all means to discredit the elections, their efforts are all in vain as the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) is conducting all electoral processes according to the dictates of the law.

The MDC Alliance which is against the holding of the harmonised elections if their unconstitutional demands are not met is threatening violence to halt the “unstoppable” harmonised elections. They are even going to the extent of pulling down posters of parties they fear are a threat to them. This is borne out of knowing that electoral defeat is beckoning come 30 July 2018.

The MDC Alliance is castigating the new government which is trying to build the new Zimbabwe we all want. The use of hate speech during MDC campaigns and divisive language has become the order of the day in their campaigns. The MDC Alliance is threatening ZEC Chairperson Priscilla Chigumba and a campaign to discredit her using her personal life has failed to yield any desired result. However, observers who were invited to observe the electoral process have hailed the conducive environment prevailing so far. Head of European Observer Mission in Zimbabwe Elmar Brok addressing a press conference said, “I heard that the head of ZEC is a very able lawyer and I have learnt that she knows very much the law and sticks to the law and I hope that this will be used in a way that lack of credibility does not arise.”

On the other hand, President Mnangagwa has always been urging Zimbabweans to hold a peaceful election, to support each other and treat each other with respect no matter whom one supports. Zimbabweans are free to choose the leader of their own choice and all this need to be done in a tranquil environment.

President Mnangagwa`s campaigns are much centred on boosting the economy. He is always emphasising that we must dwell much on economy than on politics. President ED has proven this mantra beyond reasonable doubt as even in the last week of campaigning economic activities have been at the fore of his itinerary.

In comparison Chamisa’s campaigns have been full of lies and promises of intangible things which are divorced from the needs of the electorate. At one point in time, Chamisa lied that he had met the President of America, Donald Trump and he had promised to give Zimbabwe money for investment if he gets into power.

Chamisa in cahoots with the civic organisations have mounted a campaign to discredit the ruling government. The civic society recently held a workshop entitled Citizens Manifesto that was meant to de-campaign the government in power. They silently acknowledge how the new dispensation has made positive strides in rebuilding the economy that was destroyed three decades ago but they keep on harping on about the old government of Robert Mugabe.

The former United Nations Secretary General, Koffi Annan contrary to the reports by the civil society who had assembled to castigate the government in power, hailed the new government and ZEC for the way they are conducting the electoral process. In his speech he said, “The fact that Zimbabwe for the first time in many years, international observers, as well as the Elders, have been invited, all these are signs that, from the Limpopo to the Zambezi, a new spirit of freedom is in the air.”

Zimbabweans are all determined to go and cast their votes and nothing will stop them despite threats of violence from the MDC Alliance.