Game Over for the G40 Putschists

by David Chandisaita

The struggle for Zanu PF has been won.

The legacy of the Struggle has been preserved.

The putschists refuse to yield.

But the season for war is past.  

In a few days Zimbabwe goes to the polls and Zanu PF is tipped to win. Its main contender, the MDC Alliance is in disarray with little or no chances of getting its act together for the watershed elections.

The defeated Zanu PF faction of putschists, G40, continues on the offensive – but the ruling Party’s long serving cadre and President Emmerson Mnangagwa would have none of it.

They have employed new tactics to frustrate Government’s preparations for the watershed elections, captained by Professor Jonathan Moyo and his foot soldiers, Edmund Kudzayi and Mduduzi Mathuthu.

Together they have launched a vigorous cyber campaign but the new dispensation’s achievements are militating against them.

It seems ZANU PF has adopted a “let the results speak approach”.

In the few months that the new dispensation wrestled power from the insurrectionists, investor confidence has jolted, relations with disgruntled white commercial farmers have thawed; the economy is on the mend.

The Southern African country seems to be on a trajectory to reclaim its continent’s glory as the bread basket of Africa.

 The ousted G40 putschists have been left, BUT with little artillery, to dent the country’s elections management board – the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC).

Former Sunday Mail Editor, Kudzayi has jumped from one false exposé to another, whereas Mathuthu launched an online news portal ZimLive all in a bid to discredit ZEC. Moyo in sync also launched the #Kwekwe campaign.

These failed and aggrieved putschists fail to come to terms with the reality that the majority of Zimbabwean voters are anti-Jonathan Moyo and anything associated with him.

Things are so dire for the distraught Moyo that his ally, Saviour Kasukuwere has deserted him.

The ED victory will be the final blow to the G40 putschists.