The wait for a PVO Act is getting long

Grace Chekai

The Private Voluntary Organizations (PVO) Bill which was gazetted on 5 November 2021, must be expeditiously enacted into a law to rein in the Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) that are now behaving like headless chickens. NGOs the business of sponsoring opposition parties in bid to push for the regime change agenda. They are now dwelling much on political interference.

If one traces what these NGOs and CSOs have done since they came into Zimbabwe, one can deduce that they are infiltrators meant to destabilize the economy and disturb the peace enjoyed in this country.

These NGOs and CSOs are the ones sponsoring the illegal demonstrations to unconstitutionally remove the Government from power. They actually hold meetings with leaders of the opposition parties. So one cannot wonder why these NGOs and CSOs have the backing of opposition parties in fighting the PVO Bill.

It is not surprising to discover a letter that was written to the Brittons Cabinet Office Secretary of State, David Miliband advising him on the meeting that was held by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office updating him on the meeting they did with the late and former leader of the MDC (which has transformed into the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC)), Morgan Tsvangirai and other agents for regime change agenda in the likes of the late author of Saturday BSR Alex Magaisa.

The way Magaisa criticized the Government in power showed that he was putting all his muscle to please those who pay him.

Part of the letter reads, “Further to your request at the meeting with Zimbabwe Prime Minister, Mr Morgan Tsvangirai, we have attached the financial statement of funding to civil society organizations in Zimbabwe for September.

“The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has met recently with Dr Alex Magaisa who is Chairperson of the Zimbabwe Diaspora Development Interface (ZDDI), an organization whose objectives are in line with our national and international objectives. I have also attached a list of trustees in the organization whom we have met with or are mentioned in the documents,” reads part of the document.

In Shona they say Wafa Wanaka.  May His Soul Rest In Peace.

 It should not surprise anyone that the opposition political members and their allies in the CSOs are at the forefront of attacking the PVO bill under the pretext that it is a piece of democratic law.

The bill is utmost correct. We are tired of people who are always fighting our country and tarnishing the image of the country and getting support from these PVOs.

Whenever opposition parties breach the law and get convicted, these NGOs and CSOs are the first to attack the Government and ther law enforcers. The opposition parties are quick to write on social media so that they can get attention from these NGOs and CSOs who are regime change agents.

It is very astonishing to note that some are quick to write articles demanding that Zimbabwe withdraws the PVO Bill. How can other countries dictate for a sovereign nation? Do they even know what it goes through? It only means that these countries are the ones sponsoring these organizations to fuel their regime change agenda. They attack the Government saying thatthe PVO bill will clip the wings of these organizations. They must do what they were registered to do. For instance, carrying out humanitarian and charity work, providing legal aid, or promoting the welfare of animals.

This Bill is really necessary as it will serve the purpose of counterterrorism and anti-money laundering. The Government must be involved in the operations of the civic organizations. They cannot be left to do what they want in the country without being monitored. Why are they afraid to involve the Government in their operations. The Government is not there to jeopardize their operations but to only observe. Why would these NGOs want to be involved in the internal politics ofthe host country? It only means that their intention is to push for regime change agenda.

The PVO Bill must be enacted into a law as matter of urgency and the auhthorities must make sure that the PVOs comply in totality to the provisions of that Act.