Zimbabwe’s post election period, can common sense carry the day!

by Brightface Mutema

The elections have come and gone but there is an overwhelming indication of lack of logic and common sense especially among the MDC youth and their equally youthful leaders. It is the lack of common sense that resulted in loss of lives in Harare this past week.

Zimbabwe was in a truly bad place until the rise of president Mnangagwa in November 2017. With only 8months in power it has been proven that indeed Zimbabwe is in good hands! "The voice of the people is the voice of God!" The people of Zimbabwe and everyone should listen to these voices echoed from East to West, North to South.

Nelson Chamisa held a record 90 rallies across the country without anyone bothering him. It is therefore not logical to conclude that this number of rallies magically translate into a win for Chamisa, the people of Zimbabwe have voted for Mnangagwa, the MDC Alliance leader should accept that.

The bible says "there is time for everything under the sun". This is Mnangagwa's time to take the country forward. He suffered through the war and post independence but he remained steadfast giving his all in serving the country. His campaign message endeared him to the electorate  and he won.

To Wamba, victory does not come in a silver platter as you were made to believe by the political novices that you surround yourself with. Of cause you put up a good fight and that was an indelible performance that cannot go unnoticed. But tough luck and start preparing for 2023 now, you still have age on your side.

ED Mnangagwa has sacrificed all for this country and deserves our support for a clear five-year term. Chamisa is young and can fight another election tomorrow and there is no need to sacrifice people on the streets or once again reducing our nation to a pariah status saddled with economic woes. Surely who would want an over $20 billion dollar investment commitment to just but remain a pipeline dream?

Getting back to the post election movie style that had been portrayed by the MDC Alliance this far, one needs to be reminded that democracy and the law work like an iron fist in a velvet glove. Your rights and freedoms are the velvet glove and the security forces are the iron fist that guarantees those freedoms.

When you go on an illegal demo, raving and rampaging, burning and looting, the iron fist will come out in force to restore order and in the process needless lives would be lost.

 We cannot have a political leader who proclaims himself or his party as the winner of an election while the electoral  body is still counting the votes. This was a grand stage-managing to prepare for anarchy because the writing was clear on the wall that Zanu PF is still a force to reckon with in the political turf.

 What we witness in the past week where the said leaders bought the cheaply available “krango” and urged you to demonstrate without asking for permission from the police they are inciting you to break the law and you can expect to meet the iron fist against you. 

Common sense is not common always, when any political leader urges you into the street while he himself withdraws to a safe hide-out something is not right and you are likely to face the full wrath of law alone.

Then I leave you to think about this, when there are 23 presidential candidates and all of them receive identical results documents and only your leader says his documents are proof of election rigging and all the other candidates are not coming forward with this evidence seeing that they too have identical documents then as usual your leader is lying through his teeth. He is a branded serial liar anyway.