MDC Alliance campaigned for chaos

by Prosperity Mzila

“My team and I are ready to lead you to demand the legitimacy that is needed for this country to move forward.  Freedom lies in our hearts, in our hands and in our legs,” these are the words spoken by the leader of the Movement for Democratic Change Alliance, (MDC A) party Nelson Chamisa during his campaign trail at one of the rallies.

He didn’t feel the need to sell his party manifesto and advise on how he intends to improve the people’s livelihoods.  Instead he and his party leadership kept on assuring their supporters that unless the election result pronounces MDC A as the legitimate winner of the elections, then they will consider the election to be rigged and will not accept the results, but will go to the streets and protest.

Musi iwoyo hakudyiwi rinopisa nekuti ndichadira mavhu musadza, translated to mean, “if the results are not in our favour will disrupt the whole process and cause chaos.”  This is exactly what Chamisa and Tendai Biti, did on 1 August 2018 when they directed and incited their supporters to march to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) and to the National Command Centre at the Rainbow Towers to demand the release of results.  This move was against the Electoral Act, which states that results should be released within 5 days from day of casting votes.  This stipulated time frame had not lapsed by the time the MDC A ordered its people to go into the streets.  When they did so, properties were destroyed and lives were lost, because the MDC A leadership had smelled defeat.

At rallies, Chamisa inflamed people prompting them to vote and stay close to the polling stations because MDC A victory was not going to be handed on a silver platter but that they would have to demand it by force.  According to political analysts, the MDC A knew it was a long shot to win the elections, therefore they campaigned for chaos, taking their chances with political instability that would probably lead to a Government of National Unity, (GNU). Chamisa and his gang from the onset aimed to be in Government by hook and crook.  Their attempts to smuggle themselves in Government began in November during the Operation Restore Legacy.  When their attempts failed they rushed to America calling for an increase in sanctions, to inflict pain in the lives of the ordinary Zimbabweans. 

Chamisa following advice from Biti, split the party into two, imposing himself as President against the party constitution, removing Thokozani Khupe from her rightful position as leader of the MDC T.  Everything about Chamisa and Biti is about force and chaos.  Their failure to address issues that voters aspire to is what caused the MDC A to lose constituencies.  They went to the rural population with city campaign material.  How on earth did Chamisa think he would win the rural vote by offering them spaghetti roads and airports in their mountainous villages?  Those things are not appealing to the rural folk as they would the urbanites.  They instead understood ZANU PF manifesto and offers such as the Command Agriculture, fisheries, livestock and presidential input schemes for farmers.  ZANU PF according to political analysts was able to differentiate their demographics including their needs.  

MDC A instigated-violence has been condemned by all and sundry, including other political parties in Zimbabwe that also took part in the election. They have voiced their disappointment at the level of political immaturity displayed by the MDC A leadership.  Thokozani Khupe leader of the MDC T has denounced actions by MDC A.  In the region, South African revolutionary party the ANC has also denounced the MDC A for inciting people to disrupt the electoral process and its disregard for human life.  The regional bodies SADC, COMESA and the SADC Parliamentary Forum and the SADC Electoral Commission Forum the continental body the African Union (AU) have all with one voice condemned the manner in which the MDC A has conducted itself.

Charlton Hwende of the MDC A is on record saying “the streets will be the final arbiter,” one would wonder if their participation in the electoral process was genuine in the first place or not.  The character of the MDC A has been laid bare for all to see and judge for themselves, however the people of Zimbabwe and the business community in Harare have expressed great disappointment in Nelson Chamisa.  Zimbabweans now appreciate that maturity of politicians is a necessary ingredient as it comes with wisdom.