Peace to prevail as we approach 2023 Harmonized elections

Grace Chekai

As the 2023 Harmonized elections draw closer this is the time for the nation to practice peace, tranquility and development

. Our leaders aspiring to lead us must be in a position to concentrate more on developmental projects and shun violence. The electorate needs developmental projects. Projects that are meaningful and improve their livelihoods. It is indeed a shame to note that opposition parties are engaging in violence to intimidate the electorate in order to garner votes.

This is unorthodox behavior that is not accepted in a peaceful Zimbabwe. His Excellency President Emmerson Mnangagwa is always preaching peace to Zimbabweans despite all our differences. It is with no doubt that a prudent person is more likely to vote for President Mnangagwa because he is for development. His mandate is to turn around the economy. Hate speech and violence is very far from his vocabulary.

Delivering his New Year message at State House, President Mnangagwa reiterated that Zimbabweans must be peaceful as the nation draws closer to the  Harmonized General elections.

President Mnangagwa highlighted that the elections must be peaceful as people would be demonstrating their democratic right.

“As such, next year we will be holding the General Elections. Mindful of the fact that we are a diverse but one people, united by one flag, I urge each of us to continue being peace-loving and politically mature citizens.

“The defense of our hard-won independence must serve as a reminder to us all,” said President Mnangagwa.

In his speech President Mnangagwa promised the nation that he would continue to turn around the economy after winning the 2023 Presidential race.

“Through unity of purpose and hard work, we are going to lift more of our people out of poverty and into prosperity, whilst leaving no one and no place behind,” said President Mnangagwa.

President Mnangagwa continues to preach peace and tranquility in the country unlike the opposition leader of Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Nelson Chamisa who is always talking hate speech full of false promises to the nation when he cannot even manage to pay salaries to his most trusted lieutenants.

It would be very unwise for people to vote for that person. We all know the failures of CCC led councillors in the running of our urban cities. Chamisa`s councilors have failed the urban areas to the extent that the urbanites are now living an ancient life. The urbanites` lives have been pushed backwards. How can that person turn around the country`s economy. Instead Chamisa`s followers have started to engage in violence instead of winning the heart of the people through developmental projects.

ZANU PF as a party condemns political violence. ZANU PF Director of Information, Tafadzwa Mugwadi condemned violence following allegations by opposition party Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) that the ruling party had caused violence in Murehwa, Mashonaland East Province.

Mugwadi condemned violence highlighting that the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) must bring the culprits to book.

“I condemn this conduct unreservedly. The culprits should be brought to justice. What I however find irresponsible is when desperate clueless political upstarts start to drive and wage misleading narratives that the perpetrators should be referred to as ZANU PF supporters.

“This is needless and regrettable spin. Clearly, there is nothing in statements uttered or visuals shown which identifies the culprits as ZANU PF supporters. Remember CCC-MDC-T/A Harvest House battles which were similarly blamed on ZANU PF yet it was their succession wars. To this day, they still have not taken responsibility over attempts to burn Dr Thokozane Khupe, Elias Mudzuri and Douglas Mwonzora at Tsvangirai`s funeral.” said Mugwadi.

It is imprudent for people to tarnish the image of the ruling party uttering that it is a party of violence without tangible facts. For instance the Murehwa violence`s truth is now coming out. The Zimbabwe Republic Police started its investigations and some of the culprits are now being brought to book.

Opposition members of Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) where quick to circulate these false allegations on social media just to tarnish the image of the ruling party.

This is not good at all. You cannot win the minds of the people through lies and violence. CCC believes in hate speech and lies to win the hearts of the people. This is what the electorate is resenting come this year`s Harmonized elections.

The electorate just needs leaders who deliver and who are peaceful. The ZANU PF party mastered this and is very much aware of the needs and welfare of the electorate.

ZANU PF is turning the rural areas and the once termed marginalized areas into an upper middle income economy. The ruling party did a lot of developmental projects in rural areas including rural electrification.

The Mutoko Royal Fruit and Vegetable Processing Hub and Empower bank`s Youth Business Starter pack launched by President Mnangagwa in October 2021 was another part of the President`s broad measures targeted at speeding up rural development as well as discouraging rural urban migration.

These are just a few developmental projects that I have mentioned. So one must know that violence is not a thing in the ruling party ZANU PF.ZANU PF concentrates on developmental projects only. This is what the electorate need.

Peace must prevail as political parties do their campaigns. The electorate only needs peace and developmental projects. Let us not intimidate the electorate through violence. Violence has no place in the Zimbabwe we all want. President Mnangagwa has always preached peace and development. This is what we expect in the country and from our leaders.