Claims of CCC rally bans are made-up!

By Rutendo Jiri

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) is making frivolous allegations that, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), is intentionally banning its rallies ahead of the 2023 elections.

It accuses the Police of working in cahoots with ZANU PF to rig elections by undermining its democratic right to assembly. CCC alleges that, while its rallies are being selectively banned, ZANU PF and other opposition parties are being permitted to hold public meetings.

That party further alleged that, opposition political parties such as Robert Chapman’s Democratic Union of Zimbabwe (DUZ) and Elizabeth Valerio’s United Zimbabwe Alliance (UZA), are being permitted to hold public meetings because they have been co-opted by ZANU PF.

The Nelson Chamisa led CCC views itself as the country’s sole legitimate opposition party to ZANU PF and discredits all others as working together with ZANU PF to abort its ‘democratic mission to free Zimbabwe from alleged ZANU PF misrule.’

CCC activist and journalist, Hopwell Chin’ono posted on twitter lamenting the plight of the CCC noting that the alleged banning of CCC rallies would derail the country’s bid to rejoin the Commonwealth.

“…68 CCC rallies have been banned by the ZANU PF regime using ZRP. This is part of rigging elections, denying freedom of assembly. It is unthinkable that the Commonwealth with @JobSikhala1 in jail, with opposition being denied right of assembly and being brutalized. It will make Commonwealth a laughing stock!” said Chin’ono.

It’s high time Zimbabweans unite and cancel Chin’ono and his friends in the CCC for lying to the nation and the international community that CCC assemblies are systematically banned and that the Police are doing it on behalf of ZANU PF.

Infact, a quick scroll on @CCCZimbabwe’s timeline of twitter will expose you to a hive of CCC countrywide public gatherings.

That party holds urban voter registration and voter mobilization campaigns and moves about across the country without any intimidation whatsoever.

While dismissing allegations that, CCC National Organising Secretary, Amos Chibaya was at the center of CCC violence against ZANU PF supporters in Gokwe over the weekend, CCC National Spokesperson, Fadzayi Mahere tweeted, “ This is false and defamatory. @amos-chibaya was in Chivi yesterday hosting a rally for the multitudes there who want change…”

Alas, CCC is actually hosting rallies at a time Chin’ono claims that about 68 of its rallies are banned. How come?!!!

That Party’s interim Vice President, Lynette Karenyi Kore was in Bikita over the weekend, while other party assemblies were held by the Women’s Taskforce in Chinhoyi. Also, CCC National Youth Taskforce has been implementing its Register, Elect And Protect (REAP) in Harare, Chitungwiza, Gokwe, Masvingo, Bikita, Chivi and Bulawayo among other places without any problems with the law enforcement agents.

CCC believes it has managed to penetrate ZANU PF strongholds and has been very confident that it will win big until it dawned on them that their much hyped  Mugwazo programme has completely miscarried.

The Big Question therefore is, if CCC is conducting all these nationwide programmes with the people, how then does it make claims that, ‘its public meetings have been banned by the police?’

CCC must be mature enough to know that not every application to hold a political gathering is given the green light by the Police.

ZANU PF and other political parties such as UAZ have also had their application denied by the police for one reason or the other.

UAZ President, Valerio even tweeted that her party also has its applications to hold public meetings rejected and does not wail about it.

“I hear people asking about #UZA police clearances. Like other #political parties, we struggle to get clearances from ZRP but we don’t counter with attacks. We reapply when denied. Our list of denials is long- even for clean up campaigns. Let’s amplify our wins, not the loses!” said Valerio.

For CCC, it thrives on being the center of controversy and sustains this through loud sensational wails to get the attention of the international community.

Such false allegations are mere agenda setting to create an impression that the election playing field is uneven and skewed in favour of ZANU PF.  

After all, CCC is a bitter elections loser!

It is also not prepared to go for elections.

CCC does not have the money, structures, Constitution nor the support of the international community to go to elections in 2023.   

It is likely that the country will get to Election Day with CCC not ready and it will be a big win for ZANU PF.