Chamisa, a failed politician

by Peacemaker Zano

The MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa has proved that he is a failed politician after he failed to win both the 2018 harmonised elections and the Concourt ruling where he challenged President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s election victory.

There are characteristics that are associated with failed leaders. Normally leadership weaknesses are noted through lack of adaptability, little vision for the future, lack of accountability and poor communication skills among others. All these poor performances are synonymous with Chamisa’s leadership qualities.

Real leaders produce results. Before he became the leader of MDC-Alliance, Chamisa was MDC-T Member of Parliament for Kuwadzana East constituency. During his tenure as a legislator, Chamisa proved his incompetency. In short, the Alliance leader failed to develop Kuwadzana East. They say, if you want to determine someone’s leadership prowess, give them some responsibility and see what they do with it. In 15 years, Chamisa could not complete his project of constructing a library in his constituency. Honestly, can such a person be fit to lead a nation. How will the nation expect development under his leadership if he struggled to develop a mere constituency?  

There are reports that they are members of the MDC Veterans Activist Association (VAA), who are calling for the removal of Chamisa from his post as the leader of MDC and replace him with Divine Mafa, a United States of America based MDC member. The VAA are accusing Chamisa for the dismal performance that led to their defeat during the July 30 harmonised elections.

Chamisa is being blamed for imposing candidates and intentionally side-lining popular candidates who were nominated by that party’s supporters during primary elections. For instance, the MDC Alliance leader undemocratically imposed Vimbai Tsvangirai Java in Glen-View South and Joanna Mamombe in Harare West to contest as Members of Parliament against the will of party supporters.

Had it been that Chamisa was a democratic, visionary leader, he should have respected the will of the people. From those accusations, Chamisa can best be described as a dictator.

Chamisa should practise the ‘one size fits all leadership style.’ Best leaders are flexible in their approach. Only those leaders who can quickly recognise and adapt their methods to the situation at hand will be successful in the long haul. Good leadership needs one to surrender and not control; one to collaborate and not dictate.

Recently in Chitungwiza, Chamisa clashed with his councillors after the former imposed a mayoral candidate. Reports are that Chamisa imposed Councillor Gift Tsverere against the preferred former deputy mayor Councillor Goodwill Mushangwe for the mayoral post. This caused chaos and disgruntlement such that other MDC Councillors ended up voting for the much organised ruling party Councillors.

Furthermore, to confirm his incompetency and lack of leadership skills, Chamisa recently tweeted on his handle that, “Our next move is very crucial for Zimbabwe’s future. Things must change. We are currently engaging Zimbabweans countrywide on steps ahead. We are ready to serve you. Tough decisions are about to be made. You decide, we abide. Your wish is our command. Your thoughts and ideas?”

Chamisa’s utterances reveal his ultimate goal to cause mayhem as he promised during his election campaigns. There is nothing to consult his supporters on, as the havoc script is already there and he wants to gauge people’s willingness to sacrifice themselves over his selfish quest to rule even though he lost the elections. Violence is never a solution to any problems. Remember, after Tendai Biti, one of the MDC Alliance principals fuelled illegal protests when he loosely said opposition supporters should defend their votes through protests, leading to the loss of six lives. 

Chamisa should be reminded that, leaders who are not focused will fail themselves and their team. Leaders who also lack discipline will model the wrong behaviours and will certainly not prosper.